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Join Our Cocktail Lounge to Enjoy Your Night. Visit in Ellicott City Chocolate Dessert Cocktail with Bailey's Irish Cream Creative Culinary Bailey's Irish Cream, semi sweet chocolate, Baileys Irish Cream and 5 more Hot Bailey's Irish Cream Chocolate Drink Food.com whipped cream, vanilla, cream, Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur, cinnamon and 3 mor A dessert-like cocktail such as this one is just begging to be dressed up a bit with a little more chocolate when you serve it. Add shaved chocolate on the top of the drink. Rim the glass with cocoa. Sprinkle grated nutmeg or cinnamon for a little contrast Bailey's Chocolate Bunny Cocktail recipe is a sweet, very chocolatey drink that is a delightful treat for adults and equally as fun! You can easily leave out the Bailey's and make it kid-friendly chocolate drink they will love. I'm sneaking in today to ramble on about these adorable Easter drinks

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Baileys partners with caramel vodka, amaretto, and chocolate liqueur for the indulgent snickertini. The recipe is easy to shake up and the ultimate fix for your sweet tooth's cravings. Continue to 9 of 20 below. 09 of 2 Baileys® Chocolux Rich and daring, new Baileys Chocolux takes Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur, and adds the flavour of pure, roasted cocoa beans for for an intensely dark, deliciously chocolatey experience A martini is by far the most popular drink, no matter what the variation. This baileys chocolate martini is thick and creamy made with Irish cream, vodka, a splash of espresso, and a dash of chocolate. It takes just 2 minutes to make, but so delicious you can't stop drinking. What is your favorite alcohol Blend the Baileys with the ice cream. Then pour it into the chocolate eggs 3 Hollow Chocolate Bunny Filled Cocktail Recipes For Easter! I will admit these little guys hold a lot more liquid inside of them then I would have thought! Which in my book is a win-win! baileys, banana liqueur, butterscotch schnapps, chocolate whipped vodka, cream.

Baileys Chocolate Coffee Martini - Add a splash of Kahlua to give your cocktail a caffeinated kick. Baileys Caramel Chocolate Martini - Shake Baileys with a hint of caramel with vodka, and add a swirl of caramel syrup in the bottom of the glass. Baileys Chocolate Raspberry Martini - Add half an ounce of raspberry liqueur to the classic recipe Whether you're looking for a St. Patrick's Day cocktail or a new way to add Baileys to a drink that's not a White Russian, we've got you covered. These Baileys recipes are perfect for any occasion. Introducing, the chocolate baileys martiniyep, you guessed it, it's a classic chocolate martini with baileys! This is my favourite out of all the drinks with baileys that I've tried (yes, including my awesome baileys hot chocolate!) and it makes for a super easy shaken cocktail to enjoy at home. Baileys really is the perfect addition to this indulgent cocktail and it can be enjoyed on. In a cocktail shaker, combine the Baileys, chocolate liqueur, vodka, coffee liqueur, and butterscotch schnapps. Add ice and shake to chill. Strain into a highball glass filled with ice. Add the half and half and stir The vodka, coffee liqueur and Baileys provide a boozy kick that cuts through the rich cream, while the chocolate garnish adds a visual hint of mud to the drink and lends additional aroma and flavor. Make a Mudslide after dinner or whenever you have a sweet tooth

BAILEYS HOT CHOCOLATE COCKTAIL. Baileys Irish Cream was first introduced in 1974 and is an Irish whiskey and cream based liqueur, manufactured by Diageo in Dublin, Ireland and in Mallusk, Northern Ireland. The person behind the creation of Bailey Irish Cream was Tom Jago, President and co-founder of The Last Drop Distillers. It has an alcohol. Bailey's Chocolate Cherry, blended with heavy whipping cream, vanilla ice cream and ice on low/milkshake setting. Topped with whip cream, chocolate syrup and a cherry This easy chocolate martini recipe with Godiva and Baileys is the perfect cocktail for dessert or any time you need a little chocolate. It's a smooth, creamy, decadent, and chocolatey indulgence for a holiday or everyday celebrations! This cocktail is so easy, but it includes all the yummy flavors of your favorite Godiva chocolate truffle---including just the right amount of chocolate and. It uses a simple mixture of Bailey's, crème de cacao and crème de menthe (mint) with grated chocolate on the top and chocolate and ground up candy canes on the rim. It is also ideal to increase the portions and make for a punch style drink for a Christmas party Not just a chocolate martini; this is a dessert cocktail with a rich chocolate ganache combined with Bailey's Irish Cream and vodka. Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 2 minute

Instructions Place all ingredients into the Thermomix bowl (except for the chocolate squares). Mix on Speed 4, 30 seconds or until just combined. Add chocolate squares to your serving glasses, pour in the cocktail and enjoy Feel free to get creative by flavouring your Baileys Iced Coffee cocktail with salted caramel or chocolate cherry. Baileys Almande: a perfect option for vegans, this 100% dairy free Baileys is a blend of almond and vanilla flavour. Baileys Salted Caramel: classic Baileys Original Irish Cream is flavoured with salted caramel Instructions. To toast coconut, place about ½ cup of sweetened coconut (shredded or flakes) onto a baking sheet. Toast in a 350 degree oven for about 6-8 minutes, turning and mixing once halfway through Toblerone Cocktail 8.9/10. As delicious as a chocolate milkshake! By David. Orgasm (Bailey's Cocktail) 8.7/10. A creamy digestif with tastes of chocolate, coffee and almond. By austin91. Bloody Brain 8.7/10. Don't be fool by the name, this shooter is quite tasty and is well suited for an Halloween party (or any party if you ask me!) By. It also calls for chocolate liqueur, Baileys Irish cream and heavy cream, plus a measure of amaretto for a nutty accent. That boozy sugar rush gets shaken with ice and poured into a glass that has been coated with chocolate and caramel sauces for another sweet flourish

Do you want to create the perfect dessert drink? Follow Smartwhip's recipe for a Wintery Chocolate Baileys Cocktail and delight your guests

Step 1 Prepare hot cocoa and pour into a mug. Stir in Baileys® Original Irish Cream. Top with whipped cream and drizzle with chocolate syrup The Baileys Chocolate Reindeer Cocktail is a mix of delicious Baileys Original and decadent Baileys Chocolat Luxe topped with fresh whipped cream - and served in a chocolate reindeer Baileys Chocolate Martini. This Baileys Chocolate Martini is creamy and smooth, just as you would expect from any cocktail featuring Baileys.It's kicked up a notch with a generous punch of chocolate flavor courtesy of rich chocolate liqueur, sweet chocolate syrup, and even some chocolate shavings Chocolate Dessert Cocktail with Bailey's Irish Cream Creative Culinary vodka, semi sweet chocolate, fresh raspberries, cocoa, Baileys Irish Cream and 3 more Easy Baileys Chocolate Dessert Pots Happy Veggie Kitchen coconut milk, Baileys Irish Cream, dark chocolate Melt the chocolate. Dip the martini or shot glasses in the melted chocolate and then in the chocolate sprinkles and leave the glasses to chill until serving. In a blender, Mix the other ingredients until creamy and smooth. Pour into prepared glasses, add chocolate shavings if you wish and serve immediately

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  1. t bark for an indulgent Christmas treat. 10
  2. Your Christmas tipple just got a whole lot more festive, as Baileys have announced the release of limited-edition chocolate reindeer bars to serve as a delicious vessel for your favourite drinks
  3. Simply combine vodka, Baileys and coffee liqueur, top with whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa powder, and enjoy
  4. Who doesn't love baileys at this time of year?! I knew baileys would be the perfect friday night cocktail to decorate the tree with last night. I usually just have my baileys with ice or hot chocolate but last night we mixed it up with bourbon and milk and it was sooo good
  5. i eggs, whipped cream or even more chocolate. Print this recipe This Baileys recipe was created by Ben White of Graffiti Spirit Group, Liverpool and inspired by Missy Flynn's Easter Egg Sunda
  6. BAILEY'S CHOCOLATE MARTINI #drinks #cocktails. A food blog with hundreds of simple, healthy recipes and food blogging resources for food photography and blog monetization. Article by Leslie. 383. Chocolate Baileys Chocolate Sundae Chocolate Liqueur Baileys Cocktails Chocolate Cocktails Cocktail Drinks Sour Cocktail Triple Sec Pina Colada
  7. Combine the first three ingredients into a shaker (or a jar) with half a cup of ice. Shake thoroughly and then pour into a martini glass, keeping the ice out of the drink. (strain with a sieve) Garnish with whipped cream, chocolate shaving and a cherry if wanted.Enjoy

1.5 oz Bailey's Original Irish Cream. 1.5 oz Godiva Chocolate Liqueur. 6 oz Chocolate milk. Directions: Pour Bailey's and Godiva Chocolate Liqueur into a shaker with ice. Shake. Strain into a highball glass. Top with chocolate milk. Garnish with a mint sprig...or a marshmallow peep for a real Easter touch Method: 1. Shake the gin, cocoa powder and espresso shot in a cocktail shaker with ice until chilled. 2 Chocolate Dream 5 ingredients In a blender mix up the ice cream, Baileys and vodka. Once fully mixed pour..

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Baileys is an Irish whiskey and cream based liqueur. It contains a cocoa extract, which gives it its distinct chocolatey flavor and essence. It has an alcohol content of 17%. It is often served on the rocks, with coffee, or as a key ingredient in the ever-popular Mudslide 5. Baileys Chocolate Mousse. If you think there couldn't possibly be anything to make a chocolate mousse taste better, you have to try adding some Baileys to it. Baileys and chocolate already make a wonderful combination, so you know this chocolate cocktail will be a winner. Here are all the ingredients you'll need to make it: For the mousse 2)Chocolate Covered Cherry. One of those cocktail recipes that work well at a cocktail party as it looks the part as well as tasting great. And yes, it does look like a chocolate covered cherryin a glass. Cocktail Ingredients. 30 ml Baileys Cream Liqueur, 30 ml Coffee Liqueur, 1 Tablespoon Grenadine Syru Game of Thrones-Inspired Frozen Hot Chocolate with Baileys Irish Creme For those who don't get the bone-chilling winters, there is Frozen Hot Chocolate with Baileys Irish Creme just for you! Mix it in a blender with ice and top with whipped cream Put that dusty bottle of Baileys to good use with one of these smooth cocktail recipes. From simple two-ingredient drinks (although it goes without saying, there's really nothing quite like a good ol' Irish Cream and Coffee) to classic creamy cocktails (everyone loves a milky White Russian, and this Frozen Mudslide is like a milkshake for adults) to cozy cups that'll warm you up on chilly.

chocolate squares, for serving Place all ingredients into the Thermomix bowl (except for the chocolate squares). Mix on Speed 4, 30 seconds or until just combined. Add chocolate squares to your serving glasses, pour in the cocktail and enjoy White Chocolate Mudslide. On top of being totally scrumptious, this White Chocolate Mudslide recipe is also incredibly versatile—refreshing in the summer or festive in the winter. Jocelyn at Grandbaby Cakes recommends melting white chocolate into the milk before blending it with ice cream, Irish cream and Kahlua for a decadent treat

Chocolate Baileys Drink - 2 Ingredient Recipe - These Old

The perfect Christmas cocktail, Baileys Chocolate Orange mixes the classic flavours of the season, chocolate and orange, for a delicious, indulgent serve Place the cream, Baileys, ouzo, chocolate topping and ice cubes in the jug of a blender and blend until well-combined and the ice is crushed. Pour the Baileys-ouzo mixture into serving glasses, top with a dollop of whipped cream and sprinkle of chocolate, and serve immediately Place all of the baileys ingredients into a small blender and blend until all mixed. Melt the creamed coconut block in a double boiler. Mix the sweetener and cocoa powder with the melted creamed coconut. Spoon the chocolate mixture into shot moulds, make sure it goes right to the bottom and there are no big air pockets

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  1. t vodka cocktail today. The perfect Fall cocktail for Holiday drinks. But really this is a great beverage to enjoy anytime of the year. Make this homemade cocktail for parties, happy hour or just a yummy drink. Follow the step by step instructions for this no fail alcohol drink recipe
  2. Add Baileys Original Irish Cream, Vodka, and chocolate liqueur to a cocktail shaker over ice. Shake well and strain into a highball or martini glass. Serving idea: Pour Hershey's chocolate syrup around the inside rim of a glass or down the sides of the glass and pour in the drink
  3. For a decadent twist on a quintessential cocktail, try the Baileys Martini. Try garnishing with a light dusting of dark chocolate shavings or a fun design of chocolate syrup to take this cocktail to another level of indulgence
  4. Fill your cocktail shaker half full of ice. Add the kahlua, baileys irish cream and half n half into your shaker. Shake vigorously until very cold. (about 30 seconds). Strain the cocktail into a 15 to 20 oz. glass half full of ice. Pour the cold brew into the shaken ingredients. Stir to mix. Garnish with whipped cream and chocolate syrup as.
  5. Baileys Holiday Cocktails . Celebrate the holidays with Baileys. Use your favorite Irish cream for the perfect holiday dessert - in cocktail form! Ingredients: 1/2 cup Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur 3 cups Vanilla Ice Cream. Get The Recipe Baileys Hot Chocolate. Ingredients: 1.5 oz Baileys Salted Caramel Irish Cream Liqueur 6 oz Hot.
  6. Keto Boozy Hot Chocolate With Baileys Low Carb. Get ready to sip on the best keto Bailey's hot chocolate drink. Super yummy low carb homemade Bailey's alcohol mixed with boozy hot chocolate. You can't go wrong with this warm and cozy alcohol drink recipe. Easy to prepare from scratch Bailey's that is low carb and ketogenic diet friendly

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Baileys Coffee Float Recipe. I'm developing a bit of a reputation for adding ice cream to my cocktails - starting with this Root Beer Float Cocktail, then this Apple Pie Cocktail, and even our recent Valentine's Mudslide.. But when you strike upon a perfect combination - why not try it out in as many different and delicious ways as possible? Given that Baileys is launching baking chips just in time for the holidays, you'll be able to serve up actual chocolate-covered strawberries and other sweets with Baileys Irish Cream. Baileys' Chocolate Bar, Saint Louis, MO. 11,400 likes · 56 talking about this · 46,126 were here. Celebrate date nights, anniversaries, birthdays & any intimate special occasion at Baileys' Chocolate.. Baileys' Chocolate Bar, Saint Louis, MO. 11,400 likes · 48 talking about this · 46,132 were here. Celebrate date nights, anniversaries, birthdays & any intimate special occasion at Baileys' Chocolate.. Welcome to POP & Baileys' Chocolate Bar! You can now experience your bubbly and chocolate together! We have reopened with a menu that includes your favorites from both restaurants along with some exciting new items. You will find all things bubbly, sparkling, bright, and fun from POP along with the decadence and romance of Baileys' Chocolate Bar

Find The Perfect Shots Recipe & Irish Cream Cocktail Recipes By Baileys Fill up cocktail shaker with crushed ice until 3/4 full. Add Baileys and vodka in cocktail shaker and shake well for 20-25 seconds. Take chilled martini glass, drizzle dark chocolate syrup on its inner wall and spread it randomly. Strain and pour baileys-vodka mix into martini glass. Garnish with chocolate shavings and serve Cocktail recipe for a Baileys Chocolate Martini made with 1 1/2 oz chocolate infused vodka Or vanilla vodka with a half ounce of chocolate liqueur 2 oz Irish crea

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This dessert/cocktail hybrid is Baileys at its best. Irish cream can do no wrong when paired with coffee, chocolate, and vanilla. The chocolate rim on the glass gives this chocolate martini an extra-fancy feel (you know, like in that 1999 Sex in the City way) Cocktails on a stick have been all the rage for a few years now & we need to keep the trend going! Baileys Irish Cream is one of those gems we all tend to have tucked away in the liqueur cabinet. Take it out & friend it. Now

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  1. Baileys fans will be thrilled to hear that you can now get a yummy chocolate reindeer for free when you buy a litre bottle of the Irish cream liqueur. Baileys say the hollow milk chocolate reindeer is best enjoyed when filled with 50ml of the tipple, topped with whipped cream and covered in chocolate sauce
  2. chocolate peanutbutter cup shot 1 oz. Skrewball peanut butter whiskey 1/2 oz. Godiva dark chocolate liqueur 1/2 oz. Baileys original Irish cream tastes just like a Reese's cup!! only had the original godiva chocolate liqueur on han
  3. Tips for making Baileys Chocolate Macarons. Separate the egg whites at least a day and up to 3 days before baking. Store the whites, covered, in a bowl in the refrigerator. Remove the whites from the refrigerator and allow them to come to room temperature before mixing the batter
  4. Baileys Chocolate Mousse is a deliciously light, fluffy chocolate mousse, infused with the sweet flavor of Baileys Irish Cream. This easy dessert recipe is perfect for St. Patrick's Day
  5. Baileys based chocolatini cocktail. Baileys-based creamy mixed drink. Very easy and delicious! Do you have a party and looking for elegant appetizers, refreshing drinks, or quick and easy snacks? We have a big collection of them, please check it out-Party. Baileys Based Chocolatini Cocktail. Ingredients. 1½ oz (45 ml) Baileys cream liqueu

Baileys Irish Cream, Kahlua, chocolate syrup, ice, sweet 'n low and 2 more Nancy's Indulgent Delicious Frozen Mudslide Cocktail Dishes Delish ice cubes, Baileys Irish Cream, vodka, chocolate, kahlúa, heavy crea The Baileys Peanut Butter Cuppa' Coffee is the perfect hot drink to warm your heart and soul this month. This cocktail features a combination of chocolate, peanut butter and Baileys Original Irish Creme. Ingredients. 1 3/4 ounces Baileys Original Irish Cream. 1 cup hot coffee. 1 cup hot milk. 8 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, chopped and melte These pretty little chocolate shots are flavored with Bailey's Irish Cream. And while the recipe - as is - only has a small amount of Bailey's Irish Cream, it is very easy to change the Baileys-to-milk ratio and make these chocolate shots a lot more boozy. You can even up the booze ratio by adding in a touch of Jameson Irish Whiskey (Serves 2) Ingredients. 1 cup skim milk 1 packet hot cocoa mix 2 marshmallows 3 oz. vodka 2 oz. chocolate liqueur (such as Godiva) 1 cup ice. Instructions Heat broiler

5. Christmas-Party After-Dinner Eggnog Using Baileys. In a blender, thoroughly blend 6 eggs and ¾ bottle rum at high speed. Lower the speed and blend again with 10 oz condensed milk, 14 oz evaporated milk, 2 oz liquid dark chocolate, 1 tbsp vanilla essence and a cup of Baileys Irish Cream Tips for making Baileys hot chocolate. I used dark chocolate with 70% cocoa content. If you don't like it or don't have it on hand, you can omit it or use semisweet chocolate instead. Instead of sugar, honey can be added to sweeten this hot chocolate. Whipped cream, chocolate sauce and chocolate shavings completely optional

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Add the chocolate liqueur, vodka, and half-and-half to a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake for a good 20 seconds. Pour into rimmed martini glass. Recipe from Food Networ This yummy cocktail can be made using liqueurs such as Kahlua, creme de cocoa, Bailey's, or any type of chocolate vodka. Start of drinking this delicious adult cocktail with a straw, but don't be surprised when you finish it off with a spoon - don't worry. this is a no-judgement zone Top Tips for Making the Ultimate Chocolate Martini. If you don't have chocolate Baileys you can use another chocolate liqueur like Godiva Chocolate Liqueur or regular Baileys. If you do use regular Baileys then the cocktail won't have a rich, chocolatey flavour it'll be more subtle (but still delicious) This chocolate martini is way better than any other I've tried. It's pretty smooth, but it's strong! Drizzle chocolate syrup into a chilled cocktail glass. Add all the other ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake well. Strain into the glass and pour on some more chocolate syrup before serving..

Prepare the hot fudge sauce by melting chocolate, cream and butter in a small heavy bottomed saucepan on low heat for a couple of minutes. Remove from heat when chocolate is melted. Stir until glossy and smooth. To serve, pour Baileys shake in two tall 500ml capacity footed glasses. Top with whipped cream and marshmallows Winter is all about hot drinks, good books and cosy nights. If you're looking for the perfect winter warmer, you must try this recipe for the ultimate Baileys Irish Cream hot chocolate. Method. Heat 3 cups of milk in a small saucepan and slowly stir in 150g of chopped chocolate A creamy, boozy Baileys concoction poured over a Hershey's kiss makes a decadent dessert cocktail worth sharing with the one you love. On second thought, it's probably too good to share. Save the trouble, make two. Place the chocolate kiss in the bottom of a cocktail glass like a wine glass, martini. For those who don't get the bone-chilling winters, there is Frozen Hot Chocolate with Baileys Irish Creme just for you! Mix it in a blender with ice and top with whipped cream. Mix it in a blender with ice and top with whipped cream

Baileys afternoon delight. Caramel vodka is added to Baileys and coffee to create a chocolate truffle in drinkable form. The splash of Kahlua just adds an extra punch of coffee flavor. Yield: 1. This boozy milkshake blends up a classic summertime treat with Baileys Original Irish Cream, Vanilla Vodka and plenty of Chocolate Ice Cream. This one-of-a-kind adult-approved drink is (almost) better than that feeling you get when you hear the Ice Cream Truck jingle..

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To honor the defining flavors of the original beverage, the following brown cow cocktail recipe calls for root beer, Baileys Irish cream and a chocolate liqueur, such as creme de cacao. The simplest - and lowest-calorie - preparation is a blend of those three key ingredients served in a tall glass over ice FOR HOT CHOCOLATE WITH BAILEYS AND KAHLUA. Single Serving: Hot chocolate with Kalua and Baileys is also a popular combination. For this cocktail, you'll add 1 ounce of Kahlua and 1 ounce of Baileys per serving of hot chocolate. A traditional hot chocolate serving is anywhere from 5-8 ounces, which is just under or right at 1 cup of liquid

Baileys Irish Cream | Cocktails & Recipes for BaileysThe Very Best Baileys Recipes - Bake Play SmileKeto Baileys Hot Chocolate– BEST Low Carb Boozy HotEggnog Holiday Cocktail Recipe | Kitchen SwaggerKahlua drinks: 23 awesome recipes - Mix That DrinkKahlua drinks: 23 awesome recipes

Thermomix Chocolate Baileys Cocktail A deliciously creamy Thermomix Chocolate Baileys Cocktail with a hint of coffee.. and extra chocolate!! Ready in less than 5 minutes! 250 ml cream 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 tsp instant coffee 395 g can condensed milk 3 tbs chocolate sauce 500 g Baileys Irish Cream chocolate squares, for servin But when I do, I often make a chocolate martini or this Easy Baileys Chocolate Mousse. If you are not a fan of alcohol and Baileys, you might want to just make a regular chocolate mousse. Baileys is what makes this dessert unique! Love the flavor it adds. This Easy Baileys Chocolate Mousse is set with gelatin First, mix 2 ounces of Baileys with ¼ ounce of vodka. Then, shake it with ice cubes in a cocktail shaker and strain it into a martini glass. For a flat white martini, mix 1/8 ounce of Baileys with 1 ounce of espresso and 1 ounce of vodka. You can also add a shot of Baileys to coffee or hot chocolate for an alcoholic pick-me-up Creamy Chocolate Martini with Baileys — Everything is better with Nutella, including these martinis that go down so easily! The Frangelico adds hazelnut, cinnamon, and vanilla notes, while the Baileys Irish Cream provides richness and creaminess When you make this delectable Baileys White Russian Cocktail, serving dessert is as easy as pouring a few ingredients into a glass, adding ice, and giving it a quick stir!. I love a great cocktail, but when that cocktail doubles as a dessert, I am even more excited. This Baileys White Russian (or any drinks with Baileys) takes a traditional cocktail over the top and makes it drool-worthy and. Baileys with chocolate is a combination that I fell in love with years ago when I had Baileys in my hot chocolate for the first time. It was a revelation in awesome-ness. Hot chocolate has never been the same since. And now I am a huge fan of Baileys and chocolate desserts. I've made several, and now I've got this lovely layer cake for you

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