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An open-faced fireplace leaves the pit wide open at all times. When the fireplace is not in use, this can cause heat to leave the home at a quicker pace. A variety of materials can create heat.. How to convert a regular fireplace into a closed combustion fireplace I have a regular open fireplace in my home. I have heard that closed combustion fireplaces provide as much heat but using much less wood, and they are less messy and expel less smoke into the home

Are you trying to convert an existing fireplace into a built-in cabinet? Or are you trying to make a cabinet LOOK like a fireplace? I have a see-through fireplace with one side into the LR the other into the Den, and I have a built in space like for a large cabinet on both sides of the fireplace, but all in one room, so that the other side is. The gas flame on Valor's Windsor Arch adjusts from 6,500 to 20,500 BTUs per hour. A crackling fire is one old-house accessory that's always in demand on cold winter nights, adding warmth and ambience to a room. While wood- or coal-burning fireplaces traditionally kept folks warm in the depths of winter, modern inserts can do [ Hi All, We are looking to convert TV niche into closet with floating shelves like in attached pic. If I mount TV zither side of the fireplace there will be a weird gap left between closet and TV. Can someone suggest ideas how we can design around this wall.. the fireplace is offcentered . So not sur.. Move your bed into the closet (just make sure you measure it correctly before moving). If you have to ditch the headboard, pick up some bed legs (like these from Ikea; $20). 15 How to convert a small bedroom into a closet . This spare bedroom only had 2 walls to work with when creating the closet design as one wall has french doors that lead to a small veranda and the 4th wall leads to Jim's closet and a bathroom

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  1. Read on to see how each of five bloggers turned a closet into bonus living space. #1 A Walk-in for Junior. When Ariel Meadow Stallings of Offbeat Empire needed room for baby, she converted the walk-in closet (below, left) in her one-bedroom condo into a nursery (below, right)
  2. Clutter is the common issue of a closet. You might find it hard to get ample space to store all of your clothes. Jeans are one of the items that take up lots of space. So, instead of neatly folding bulky jeans and stacking them, try hanging them by their belts on hooks or a peg rack. So, turning a spare bedroom into a closet can be a daunting task
  3. The photo shows a traditional open fireplace restored with a Piazzetta pellet-burning insert. Some of the great benefits you'll notice straight away when you convert your wood-burning fireplace into a pellet fireplace:. it's no longer necessary to put wood in the firebox once an hour in order to keep the fire going
  4. We had a fireplace that was NEVER being used, and it was DIRTY. It would blow smoke into the house, rather than heating the house properly. We had this great..
  5. Feb 10, 2012 - Learn how to turn a closet into a built-in shelving unit from the home improvement experts at HGTV.com
  6. A wood-burning prefabricated fireplace will need a conversion kit, but masonry fireplaces have several options. These include converting the unit to use gas logs, using a gas fireplace insert, which also makes the fireplace much more efficient, or converting the fireplace to a vent-free appliance

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  1. Hello, We currently have a fireplace that contains gas logs, but are interested in converting it into a wood-burning fireplace. We do have a chimney and a flue, so I would assume that this is possible. We also have a separate grate on which we could place logs. What do we need to do in terms of the.
  2. In order to convert these gas fireplaces into wood ones, you'll need to do a complete fireplace replacement project and have a flue and chimney installed. If you try to burn wood in a pre-built gas fireplace, you'll end up with disaster as the smoke won't be properly distributed out of your home
  3. Convert to Gas Fireplace Insert. Heat Output: Medium to high Cost: as low as $1,200 plus parts and installation Time to Install: 2-8 hours. The popularity of inserts shows how consumers have a high degree of satisfaction with this factory built hearth product
  4. Doing schoolwork at home comes with some unique challenges, like finding a dedicated workspace. In this fourth episode of the Home Becomes makeover series,..
  5. All you need is an electric fireplace insert which is a stove that fits into the fire box of your old wood burning fireplace. It is a metal box that contains the heat and radiates it through the room, and there are a number of different styles you can choose from

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  1. The existing closet was under the first flight of stairs and had an opening only into the kitchen area. The closet was deep enough to accommodate a nice built-in cabinet at the door opening on the kitchen side while leaving room for another built-in cabinet on the dining room side
  2. Converting a Wood Burning Fireplace to a Gas Fireplace Disclaimer: Before we get into my experience, I want to mention that I'm not a professional in this area. I highly recommend that you consult with an experienced professional that you trust - that's what I did
  3. Oct 8, 2018 - Explore Sweetestchicboutique's board closet conversions, followed by 504 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about closet conversion, home, closet bedroom
  4. Finally, burning wood in a conventional fireplace is highly inefficient as a home heating source. The problem is that while the fire radiates a lot of heat into the room, it's also using up heated interior air for combustion, and even more heated air is getting sucked up the chimney all the time. As a result, heating with a conventional fireplace is estimated to be about 10 to 30 percent.

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After expanding the attic space by 100 square feet with a gabled dormer, Alan's airy aerie is now complete, and makes the most of every square inch with smart space-saving details—like the closet pocket door that keeps the passage-way free and clear. The Cold-to-Comfy Basement Mark Sam A wood burning stove offers a visceral experience. Well, if you've got a gas fireplace and would like to experience the benefits of a wood burning stove instead, there are ways to convert it. Continue reading to find out how to convert a gas fireplace to a wood burning stove. Can all types of gas fireplace be converted? Unfortunately not How to turn an Entertainment Center into a Fireplace: DIY Upcycle. Sometimes I get these really crazy ideas. Then I tell said crazy ideas to my husband and he says, You're crazy! But then a day or two later, he comes back and says, Let's do it! This project is one of those ideas that turned out really well, and it's completely. Hello, we recently purchased a house dated 1900, it has a fireplace in the living room and bedroom. It's double sided. The living room side is currently filled in but we are going to open it back up. However we want to make it a fireplace on each side not all one if that makes sense. Is there a.. A gas insert is the ideal choice to convert your fireplace into a gorgeous source of efficient heat! Since they're installed with a dual liner system (one pipe brings outdoor combustion air down the chimney and the other pipe vents the fumes), they're ideal for putting an old fireplace back into use. They use much less gas than gas logs or gas.

Charlie MacVicar and Luke Walker moved into a double-decker bus to save money on rent. The 550-square-foot bus has a claw-foot tub, full kitchen, wood-fired stove, and walk-in closet The process of converting a traditional fireplace into a masonry heater can take many forms, depending on the size, type and design of your existing structure. Only fireplaces that are completely constructed of stone, masonry and other non-combustible materials, are able to be converted. If your fireplace is an insert, surrounded by a.

Use L brackets to attach the plyboard to the back of the entertainment center. The plyboard will be quite heavy by this time, so it's definitely a 2 person job! Depending on the style of your entertainment center, you may need to drill a hole for the cord of the fireplace to fit through The closet to the left of the fireplace will be expanded into a walk-in closet. My new closet will be part industrial and part girly with plenty of shelving to keep me organized. To the right of the fireplace will be the entrance to the brand new master bathroom. We'll build a double vanity and add a shower with a glass enclosure Just because you created a walk-in-closet-and-dressing-room combo doesn't mean you can have a small writing desk (depending on the size of the room) to use as a vanity space. It might be handy to have some side tables around the room for extra storage as well There are a few steps you must take to convert a wood fireplace into propane fireplace, though with the right tools and requirements, you should be able to complete the project in a matter of hours.There are many benefits to completing the conversion, such as the fact that you will no longer have to clean up ashes or worry about them getting on your floor I have a vented gas fireplace. Want to convert to ventless. When not in use air blows in. Damper closed. Around firebox (insert) gap of about 3/4 inch. Just moved in. Condo built in mid 80's. Have covered with blanket. Dear Sir/Ma''am, We hope to insert ventless gas logs into 5 old fireplaces in our old home

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Find a closet close to your kitchen. A pantry is best located near your kitchen since most pantry items are food, cookware, dishes and other utensils. Look for a closet in a clean, dark place that can be converted to a pantry. Make sure it does not share a wall with a laundry room or a room that holds a lot of computers or electronics SHOP STYLISH FIREPLACES How to convert a gas fireplace to electric. There are 3 main steps to convert a gas fireplace to electric: Disconnect the gas line and safely cap it. This must be done by a qualified gas technician, and is not a do-it-yourself project. Run a dedicated electrical line to the site of the fireplace However, a specific price for converting a wood fireplace to gas depends on many factors, with a possible cost range of $500 to $5,500. What you'll pay depends primarily on the type of gas fireplace you choose, whether it's a vented insert, vented gas log or ventless gas log

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  1. Vent-free gas logs are an inexpensive and efficient way to add extra heat to a room without having to open the damper on your fireplace.These logs use the air from within the room for combustion and then put heat back out into the room.In most cases, vent-free gas logs cannot be used in conjunction with a blower
  2. Other types of electric fireplace, especially those with more powerful heaters, may need to be direct wired into the home electrics, but an electrical supply will still need to be provided to the open fireplace.. The downside of converting a fireplace to electric is that the fireplace can't then be used again for real wood burning fires unless the electrical supply is removed from the firebox
  3. You can join a lot of your fellow Tennesseans in converting your old wood burning fireplace to a safe, clean-burning propane fireplace. Take care of this now, and you'll be enjoying your brand new propane fireplace in plenty of time for the holiday season
  4. You can purchase an electric fireplace ranging from 18 inches - 50 inches. It is very simple to convert the existing traditional fireplace into a customisable electrically operated one. 2: Customisable flames. Another great benefit of converting the traditional fireplace into the electric one is the LED variety it has
  5. We're gutting our house and we are having the second floor converted into master suite/home office/walk-in closets/dressing area/laundry room with a gigantic master bath: soakingtub, fireplace, double size walkin shower, etc The third floor will be for the kid with playroom, bedroom, bath
  6. The closet you picked should have a ventilation system so that hot air will be expelled back into your room. There should be an input fan at the bottom of the closet, so it'll suck in cooler air into the closet. Then, there should be an exhaust fan at the top of the closet, which will suck the hot air out
  7. Older wood-burning fireplaces aren't efficient or effective sources of heat. If you want to combine the classic look of a wood fireplace with energy efficiency and a higher heat output, consider a wood insert from Saratoga Fireplace and Stove. Wood burning inserts can be installed directly in most existing fireplaces, and instantly convert an inefficient fireplace into a more efficient heat.

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Im in the process of converting my pre-fab fireplace insert that has a double wall pipe into a wood burner (See Pic). I am planning to install a Vermont Castings wood burner which requires a class A pipe. Is my best bet to yank what is in there and put in a whole new Class A pipe? From what I.. Fortunately, it's possible to convert your current unit to an electric fireplace. All you really need is a Dimplex electric fireplace insert or similar model and a standard electrical outlet to start immediately enjoying the benefits. Flames and heat operate independently Napoleon W175-0272 Fireplace Conversion Kit, Natural Gas to Propane for GSS42N. $86.25 $ 86. 25. FREE Shipping. GASPRO 24 x 6 inch Gas Fireplace Burner, Stainless Steel H Burner for Gas Fireplace, Fire Pit, Propane & Natural Gas, Non-Whistle, Easy to Install. 4.5 out of 5 stars 67. $57.21 $ 57. 21

Good things come in small packages. At least they do when you fill a small footprint with lots of versatile storage to simplify your family's laundry routine.We outfitted a standard 6-foot-wide closet with a custom hamper, a drying rack, and stylish shelves and bins to maximize efficiency in the minimal space With converting the space into a closet, the only concern was keeping the space cool. The steps were fairly simple. We framed the space, including adding a larger door that had to be cut down a little bit in order to fit the space, installed an insulation that would keep the heat out, installed dry wall, painted and added hardwood floors Electric fireplace conversion. Going with an electric fireplace insert is ultra-simple. No gas lines have to be hooked up, no venting issues will need to be addressed and you won't need any masonry work. Electric log set inserts go right into the existing firebox and are easy to get up and running Convert your old wood burning fireplace to a new, safe and efficient propane gas burning fireplace! If you get started now, you'll be enjoying your new propane fireplace before the leaves start turning and the holiday season hustle and bustle begins At Comfort Solutions, we have a variety of options that allow you to convert your existing fireplace to an alternative fuel source. As Utah's industry-leading specialist in fireplace design, installation and conversion, we can design a solution that will transform any existing hearth into a more aesthetic and efficient fireplace, quickly and.

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This family's kitchen had a broom closet that was converted to a food pantry. Not a bad idea, but, because the shelves were extremely deep, finding and retrieving items from the rear became difficult, if not impossible. The solution is to build a simple box cabinet that slips inside the existing closet Turning a Walk-In Closet Into a Home Office First thing's first: if you have a walk-in closet , you already have a home office. Walk-in closets can be the perfect place for a home office if you don't need the closet space, as they are isolated from the rest of the house (and its associated distractions) How to Convert a Closet into a Shower. By Debi Collinson November 18, 2017 September 30, 2020. Add $20K+ to the Value Of Your Home by Converting a Closet in a Shower! If you've ever watched Love It or List It on HGTV, when they're looking in the master bedroom, there are two things that will either make them interested in the house or want. There's nothing better in fall and winter than the crackle, scent, and warmth of a wood-burning fireplace. It's a romantic and coveted household feature. In fact, homebuyers will pay up to $1,400 more for a home with a fireplace, according to the Home Features Survey from the National Association of REALTORS®

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Lumber Jack wedgie kits available in store!! Easily convert any grill into a wood BBQ pellet smoker! #lumberjack #wedgiekits #availablenow #stockedup #getyourstoday #summeriscomin Unfortunately, fireplaces are also major air gaps—they can send up to 8 percent of valuable furnace-heated air flying out the chimney, making them really fun to look at but inefficient as heating sources. Here's the good news: You can transform your firebox into an efficient room heater by adding an insert A closet system available at Home Depot that offers a mix of hanging space, open shelving and closed storage, perfect for quickly converting a spare room into a dramatic walk-in closet In this chic, texture-rich environment, interior designer Leanne Ford turned an empty fireplace into a little gallery to display pottery and artwork. Francesco Lagnese 7 of 1

Fashionista Closet Conversion: Transforming a Bedroom Into a Spacious Designer Closet, Including a Custom Closet Purse Organizer in the Separate Purse Closet 360 Organizer Valet is built into corner with maximum shoe storage Backerboard to cover windows in bedroom to closet conversion Cabinet for folded items and sweaters Detail view of expansive storage Custom cushioned bench seat for closet. Inside: How we turned our dysfunctional kitchen closet pantry into an organized built in pantry cabinet with pull out shelves and built in drawers. This pantry remodel has totally improved how our kitchen functions! Eight years ago we completely remodeled our kitchen and made huge improvements, but the one thing we left undone was the pantry closet that the builder put in

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Converting a Wood Fireplace into an Electric Insert. Converting a wood fireplace to an electric fireplace insert is very simple. All you have to do is remove the existing grate, clean out the ashes, and slide your insert into place! They're light and easy to move so installation is a snap. Yes, it's really that simple View in gallery. With the Boutin fireplace you get that cozy and rustic look associated with old-school fireplaces but in a more modern and convenient package. It recreates that look with the help of a mantel and solid pine corbels which add warmth and character to its design. The stone accents add authenticity to the surround A gas fireplace can provide unparalleled convenience and the pleasure of a warm fire on a cold day, but many people believe nothing compares to the ambiance created by burning wood. The good news for homeowners who have a gas-fueled fireplace but who would prefer a wood-burning fireplace is that converting from gas to wood fuel may be an option In Reply to: Wish to convert fireplace to an oven posted by Rado. We have a family room with a fireplace that we are considering remodeling into our kitchen. What would be involved in converting the fireplace into a pizza/bread oven? Would it require totally reconstructing the height and the depth? Could the process be done by an amateur Cost of Converting Gas Fireplace to Wood-Burning Stove. Homeowners typically pay between $100 and $300 to convert a gas fireplace to wood. It's not possible to convert if you don't have a flue. This can cost just a few hundred dollars, but the price truly depends on extra work that's needed. Cost factors include: Masonry; Necessary part

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Converting a Wood Burning Fireplace into a Gas Fireplace? Read this First. Wood-burning fireplaces can easily be converted to gas. Consider these options. Everyone loves the coziness and warmth of a crackling wood fire, but as wonderful as wood is, there may come a day when you'd like to convert to gas. The convenience of gas means no more. DIY Home Office Conversion Tips. Here's how to use every square inch of space in your closet for a closet office conversion: The first thing you need to do is gut the closet. Start by removing everything from the closet and re-locating it all somewhere else. (This is a good opportunity to de-clutter and donate things you no longer want, need. A more affordable option is a two bedroom that can be converted into a three bedroom, but the process is somewhat involved. In this week's Buy Curious , Michael Eisenberg of Citi Habitats , Claire Groome of Warburg Realty , and Brad Malow of Compass tell you exactly which layouts to seek out, what permit you'll need, and how much it'll.

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People often want to convert their existing fireplace into bioethanol. It is possible, but is subject to checking the existing fireplace. Is it fully functional with wood or whether it is open or closed or whether the interior consists of non-inflammable material or not, are some of considerations before one can go ahead with the conversion and enjoy safe and environment friendly use of their. Converting a Wood Burning Fireplace to a Gas Fireplace. If the thought of a low maintenance fireplace makes you feel all warm inside, but the thought of building a fire, keeping it lit, and keeping a clean fireplace hearth stresses you out, you might be a good candidate for a gas conversion fireplace How You Can Convert a Garage into a Closet Whenever your eyes are larger than your storage, eventually you'll exhaust room inside your closet. Instead of cramming your possessions into other rooms, or snagging the closet space restricted to visitors, consider transforming your garage right into a closet They can be used in most existing vent-free products and can also be used when converting an existing wood-burning fireplace to vent-free gas. Log sets come in a range of sizes from 16 to 30 and a range of styles. There are split log sets and split-log see-through sets in oak or charred wood. radiant heat: an orange-yellow color heat. To convert a spare closet into a workstation, first remove the closet doors and base trim. Measure the closet width -- our space measured 84 inches wide. If your space is wider or narrower than this dimension, add or subtract the difference to the length of the wall trim (E), the desk supports (G), and the desktop (I) in the instructions below

For example, direct-vent fireplaces convert up to 80 percent of the fuel used into heat. Ventless fireplaces convert up to 90 percent. The federal government supports a 30 percent tax credit for 75 or better energy-efficient gas fireplaces. Purchases must be made through a qualified state retailer, and the IRS tax form needs to be attached to. Converting screen porch to 4 season room, the columns supporting the week process of screen porch into the porch design layout considerations our experts. Of the benefits of this cape codstyle cottage had a sunroom enabling them these areas to a part into a screened porch you can use it will traffic flow smoothly from that you can use it during. How To Convert a Closet into a Display Nook. The solution was to convert the closet. We started by removing the doors and the tracks. Next, we removed the wire shelving. I repainted the trim white and painted the interior of the closet brown for contrast and to match the walls that we had repainted only a few years ago With full home additions costing $75,000 minimum and usually far higher, many homeowners search for creative ways to increase living space without overly decreasing their bank account. One way is by working within the home's existing footprint and converting the attic into living space Re: Converting Woodburning brick masonary fireplace into ventless gas fireplace quest Yeah, this insert even has the complete log set and the gravel rocks that go up under it for cosmetic looks. This thing is is AWESOME shape and it is a complete insert that slides right into my existing fireplace. WOW!!!! is all I can say about the price

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Convert Bi-Fold Closet Doors into Sliding Doors. Timothy Dahl. 10/12/15 12:00PM. 18. 4. Bi-fold closet doors are not only ugly, but impractical. Here's how to replace them with sleek bypass. Most fireplaces are gas compatible. Angie's List suggests getting your chimney inspected on an annual basis, regardless of whether you're looking to convert to gas. Gas Line. If your fireplace doesn't already have a gas connection, you may want to reevaluate the conversion, as it could be expensive HOW TO CONVERT Hinged BI-FOLD CLOSET DOORS INTO MODERN FARMHOUSE FRENCH DOORS. I did a video explaining the process: What the hinged folding bi-fold closet door looked like before: 1. To convert the hinged closet doors, first remove the sliding hardware from the top side of the doors This ethanol fireplace log conversion kit offers a real fire without the mess. This fireplace log insert is eco-friendly and ventless that burns ethanol fireplace fuel. Simply insert this ethanol fireplace grate log set into their hearth and forget about hauling wood, cleaning up messy ashes and soot every again As previously stated, one of the most important aspects of converting your wood-burning fireplace to a gas fireplace is hiring a professional with solid experience in making this transition. Though we've talked here about a few key points in a conversion, there are many more factors that only someone with skill in this area would know

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Pre-conversion. This is our entryway and closet (to the left, a bit hard to see). This process took longer than it sounds. We toyed with several locations (convert part of our bathroom to the guest bathroom? Too unwieldy. Turn the office into a bathroom? Too big, and then we don't have an office space) Don't forget about Mom!! Mother's day is this Sunday, May 9!! The perfect gift for Mom can be found right here at Vintage Stove! From wall art, to spices, rubs & sauces.. you could even gift a beautiful fire pit!

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