Fractions and decimals lesson Plans 6th grade

Review lesson for 6th grade math: fractions and decimals

  1. Writing Tenths and Hundredths (Decimals and Fractions) | Math with Mr. J
  2. Converting Fractions to Decimals Song by NUMBEROCK
  3. How to Convert Fractions to Decimals
  4. Converting Decimals to Fractions (Tenths, Hundredths, and Thousandths)
  5. Math Antics - Convert any Fraction to a Decimal
  6. Fractions to Decimals 1

Math Antics - Converting Base-10 Fractions

How to write a fraction as a decimal

How to Turn a Fraction Into a Decimal Using Denominators of 10 or 100 : Math Questions & Answers

Fractions and Decimals - Lesson 2

  1. Fraction - Decimal Equivalency: 6th grade math
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