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Get this Free Breed Specific Training Course to have a Happy & Healthy Dog at Home. Teach Your Adult Dog or Puppy to Never Pee or Poop Inside - Ever. Free Online Cours Beautiful show quality German Shepherd Male imported from Germany. This German Shepherd Male has the most amazing masculine bone structure and outstanding temperament, beautiful dark mahogany red and black face. He comes crate trained and basic obedience commands started

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  1. Our German Shepherds are gorgeous Black and Red color, big boned, and correct structure. These German Shepherd Puppies are a true representation of the German Shepherd breed that is so lacking in American German Shepherds today
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  3. As our name implies we breed only 100% purebred West German type German Shepherd Dogs. The West German Shepherds we have are European meaning - imported from Germany. Committed to producing exceptional canines with 14 years of hard-earned expertise and insight; here, you will glean insider information on selecting a German Shepherd pup and why.
  4. utes from Nuremberg and 2 hours from Munich. We have three US locations: California, Virginia and New Hampshire. Bred in Germany and Shipped to You Worldwide We offer safe and secure shipping through our trusted shipping agents
  5. Both parents of all German Shepherd Dogs born and registered in Germany MUST have certified hips and elbows and pass temperament (BH) and performance tests (IPO1, 2, or 3 in Tracking Obedience & Protection) to demonstrate a high level of Protection intelligence and Trainability
  6. The DDR GSD isn't a different breed, but a line of German Shepherds that was developed in the Deutsche Demokratische Republik or DDR between 1949 and 1990. Also known as East German Shepherds today, these were dogs shaped by a World War

Hayes Haus is a nationally-recognized breeder of family-first working line German Shepherd puppies. Because we strictly favor temperament rather than appearance, the Hayes Haus breeding standard guarantees consistently excellent German Shepherd family dogs for Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and beyond Why you should buy your purebred German Shepherd from us! We breed our German Shepherds with the highest ranked, most demanded studs in the world. Our German Shepherd puppies are the top of the line, litterally the best money can buy. They have parents with working titles, top show ratings, breed survey and hips/elbows certifications Fleischerheim All German Sieger Line Purebred AKC German Shepherd Puppies for Sale are lovingly home/family raised and socialized for tremendous attitude, excellent temperament, super trainability and that special people pleasing personality German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs) have an amazing heritage that makes them one of the most sought-after canines on the planet for multiple reasons. GSDs are a versatile and highly intelligent breed capable of mastering complex obedience commands

Female pure breed German Shepherds for sale, Sara is a 10 month old red and black female of show quality, and is obedience trained. She is 100% all west German V-VA titled bloodlines. Sara's sire is one on the top placing males in the world The German Shepherd Dog (Deutshe Schäferhund) descends from the family of German herding dogs that, until the late 19th century, varied in type from district to district. In the waning years of the.. Breeds that resemble the German shepherd It's possible your dog is a purebred, but not a German shepherd. Three breeds, in particular, resemble German shepherds: the Belgian Malinois, the Belgian tervuren and the Swedish vallhund. The latter is much smaller than a German shepherd, much like a mini-version but similar in appearance

Our purebred german shepherd puppies for sale are fed an excellent diet of protein rich, high quality kibble and natural foods geared for balanced growth, performance and peak nutritional wellness. All Vom Westerman German Shepherds are bred for excellent temperament and strong bodies The Shade Of Shepherds German Shepherd Colours German Shepherd Photos German Shepherd Artwork . We now have 10 stunning medium coat pure bred german shepherd pups ready to search out their new properties. Purebred german shepherd puppies germany. If youre in search of purebred German Shepherds imported from Germany contact Wustenberger-Land K9s

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Purebred German Shepherds can have white on them. This is known as white spotting. It's common for puppies to have small white markings on their chest, paws, or the tip of the tail, but they often disappear when they get their first adult coat. On rare occasions, the white markings will remain Billy is 100% purebred, top quality German Shepherd, who will come to you with up to date vaccinations, dewormed, microchipped, and with our 10 year Health and Lifetime Puppyness Guarantee. Billy's breeder is a certified European expert who breeds only German Shepherd puppies The adult German Shepherd is classified as a working dog and has a strong and well-built complexion. The German Shepherd is generally 50 to 56 cm tall and weighs from 35 to 40 kg. The front legs and shoulders are muscular and the body is slightly elongated. How can I tell if my German Shepherd is purebred

It is this commitment to breeding excellence that has Liana Purebred Puppies as an established importer of stud dogs from Germany, serving to promote outstanding bloodlines and pedigrees. We are registered with the GSD Federation (German Shepherd Dog Federation of South Africa), and comply strictly with their rules and regulations The German Shepherd is a part of the class of working dog. They were first bred in Germany with origins dating back to 1899. After WW 1 until the 1970s, the German shepherd was also known as an Alsatian. Shepherd's have a primitive wolf-like appearance. A strong breed, they were originally bred as farm dogs to herd sheep. , Very intelligent.

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Although the mixed breeds of East German shepherd are used for different purposes, most of the purebred DDR German shepherds are used for their original purpose, as protection dogs. DDR GSD as Protection Dogs. Since the unification of Germany in 1990, DDR German shepherds became rare for many reasons. These reasons include being Our German Shepherds are bred and with only the highest ranked world superstar males. This is done to produce only the best German Shepherd puppies. Our Females are continually shown all over Germany in top level shows and have the highest Sch3/IPO3, the highest legal certified working title, along with current breed survey German Shepherds were originally bred in the 19th century in northern Germany as a herding dog to protect flocks of sheep from predators. This part of their history likely contributes to them having such high energy and being very hardworking

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Before moving forward, it's important to note that the purebred German Shepherd—to say that which originates from 19 th century Germany—is an animal of physical ingenuity. They're lithe, quick, mid-heavy set, and threateningly powerful. Unfortunately, popular dog breeds beget puppy mills. Being that the German Shepherd is the #2 most. Germany will not breed two dogs together just because they are purebred. It takes much more then that to get a German shepherd papered in Germany. To receive a World Sieger Champion VA/V title takes years of continued work to achieve. This gives them an advantage over the standard American German Shepherd dog you see today The Black German Shepherd is recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and is included within the German Shepherd breed standard. So, the purely Black German Shepherd Dog is a purebred German Shepherd that is just as loyal, intelligent, playful, and confident as the standard GSD version The German Shepherd Dog (GSD) is the officially recognized name for this purebred breed. The two distinct types we mentioned in the introduction are defined by the length of their coat; either medium or long. Both types have a double layered coat, a softer and thicker undercoat and a coarser outer layer of guard hair

The German Shepherd is a very popular dog breed of German origins. Known for its unmatched ability as a police dog and incredible herder, it a breed that is best suited for a very active lifestyle. First recognized by the AKC in 1908, it ranks 2nd on the list of most registered breeds in the United States of America Breeding purebred West German Showline German Shepherds are our passion. If you share our passion and is looking for a German Shepherd breeder that specializes in providing the highest quality show dogs, protection dogs, working dogs, or family companions, your search just ended. Vom Ragnar®'s breeding success can be seen in the health and happiness on display in every puppy that leaves our. Wolfgang Haus german Shepherds is a Breeder of old fashioned German Shepherd dogs, to bring back the the shepherd the way it used to be. Large in size, smart, healthy in mind and body, best dog you'll ever own and Best gsd in T

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  1. Whatever task you may have - a canine from West German Shepherds.com will. Shepherds we have are European meaning - imported from Germany.. . We focus exclusively on producing 100% purebred West German Shepherd pups. Haus Amberg Shepherds - 92224 Amberg, Bayern, Germany - Rated 4.9. Kennel Do Pastor Dagala - German Shepherd Breeder.
  2. Home of German Shepherd dogs can trace their lineage back to Germany, from where the kennel has continued to periodically import German Shepherds. After all, Germany is the breed's country of origin. Home of German Shepherd dogs are typically selected from Europe's competitive Working and Show Dog (Siegers - BSZS) competitions
  3. The German shepherd dog club set forward the standards and ratings of the German shepherd dog breed. These German shepherd dog standards are followed by numerous breeders across the world. After the foundation of the SV and this disciplined system of breeding was established, the German shepherd dog was bred with the ultimate goal of creating a.
  4. Breed standard rules for the German Shepherd Dog were established on September 20, 1899, in Augsburg, Germany by Captain Max von Stephanitzthe and the organization, Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (Society for the German Shepherd Dog, SV for short). German Shepherd Breed Standards: Size The modern German Shepherd is a medium to large-sized breed that is [
  5. German shepherd are very intelligent dogs with great devotion and courage. They are very Smart and easily trained dogs. The German Shepherd is a breed of medium to large-sized that originated in Germany. This dog was developed in the late 1800's by crossing various herding breeds. German Shepherd puppies for sale has a Life span of 9 - 13 years
  6. We breed top notch German Shepherd Dogs that are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC), the North American Purebred Registry (NAPR), the Verein Fur Deutsche Schaferhunde (SV,e.V), in Germany, and the American Working Dog Federation (AWDF)
  7. purebred german shepherds. imported german lines, high breeding standards black and red puppies, solid black puppies, standard short stock and long coat stock family raised healthy puppies with vet check, health guarantee & micro-chipped, shipping available - ground delivery and air cargo from msp/st paul airport. breeding - training - import.

The cost of adopting a German Shepherd from a shelter ranges between $150-$500, and purchasing one from a reputable breeder will cost between $800-$2500, depending on the puppy's pedigree. In this article, we will thoroughly explore the reasons for the range in cost of a German Shepherd puppy, and we will also take a close look at how much. At Steinig Bergen German Shepherds, we strive to maintain the highest standard of quality we can to the German shepherd breed. This is why we have imported some of Germany's finest pedigrees and incorporated them into our breeding program German Shepherds or the German Shepherd Dog (GSD) came into being as a breed in the late 1800s. Max von Stephanitz of Germany had an interest in the working dogs in his native Germany. Here they were selectively bred to have those qualities that could do the job of herding and protecting a flock from predation. At the time, there was a.

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  1. TOP 3 products from this category in Jiji - 1+ year Female Purebred German Shepherd 1+ Year Female Purebred German Shepherd 3-6 Month Male Purebred Caucasian Shepherd Other countries Ghan
  2. Why German Shepherd Puppies Are Great for Families With ChildrenSince 2009, Roche's German Shepherd's has been breeding purebred German Shepherd dogs. Staying true to the strict German standard, we offer quality German Shepherd puppies for sale throughout Chicago, Northern Illinois, Eastern Iowa and Wisconsin
  3. Our very first show quality German Shepherd was purchased in 1980. Our first show quality Doberman was purchased in 1994 from the Belgium kennel von Rovelin. From this time forward, these two wonderful breeds took place in our hearts. Both of these breeds can be described as: graceful, athletic, trainable to perform various tasks, loyal, healthy, beautiful and well-tempered
  4. Mittelwest German Shepherds. Located in Wonder Lake, Illinois, Mittelwest German Shepherds is a world-renowned German Shepherd breeder offering litters of German Shepherd puppies for sale. Breeding Processes: All of the puppies come from high quality purebred German Shepherd pedigrees. All dogs are bred for intelligence, temperament, and.

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Purebred German Shepherds Purebred German Shepherd AKC Beautiful pups limited AKC registration $1800 each. Ready to go home May 12 (born March 17). They have exceptional Champion bloodlines. First vaccines and deworming up to date. Sire (father) of puppy- Thiago Ardelia, imported from Germany Generally considered dogdom's finest all-purpose workers, German Shepherd Dogs are large, agile, muscular dogs of noble spirit and high intelligence. For suc.. German Shepherd Dog Litter of Puppies For Sale in PLYMOUTH, NH, USA Our beautiful girl Nala and our handsome boy Siri have given birth to 8 BEAUTIFUL and LOVING purebred German Shepherd puppies German Shepherd Dog Dog Breeders Directory : Use our FREE search tool to find purebred German Shepherd Dog dog breeders nearest you, FAST and FREE! 1. Enter your 5 digit US Zip code or your 6-character Canadian Postal Code. 2. Click on

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The German Shepherd's Beginning - Shepherd's tending their flocks on the European continent in the 1850's needed a bigger, more intelligent, stronger, completely loyal dog to make protection of the flock and family their primary duty. These dogs needed speed, keen senses, strength and sheer courage in the face of dangerous killers. In In the 1890's Captain Max von Stephanitz started a breeding. The German Shepherd Corgi mix (Corman Shepherd), originated from the two most popular breeds of purebred dogs today: the German Shepherd and the Cocker Spaniel. The German Shepherd is native to Germany and Austria, and they were first used as herding dogs around the mid-to-late 1800s in both countries German Shepherds are always in high demand and there is no shortage of reputable breeders who make puppies available. If you're set on buying a purebred German Shepherd puppy, ask the breeder to show you hip and elbow scores for both parents. German Shepherd Price. The average price of a purebred German Shepherd puppy is around $1000. However. German Shepherd Dog Little Rock, We have 6 Purebred german shepherd puppies to choose from. 5 females, 1 male. They are very playful and alert, and healthy. Each will come with first puppy shots. Both parents are on site, they have excellent temperaments and are great farm protector..

German Shepherd History and Origin: This breed originated in Germany in the late 1800's. Max Von Stephanitz is credited with developing the breed and he believed strongly that his dogs have strong working ability as a servant to mankind Clearly, the Top German Shepherds Breeder in America, presenting Top German Shepherd Puppies for Sale, naturally German Shepherds for sale as well. With two registered German Shepherds kennel in Germany, World champion import puppies are available from the current world champion German shepherds, best in the world, guaranteed. Panda German Shepherds can stand as tall as 24 to 26 inches, with females being on the lower end of the range. Healthy dogs can weigh anywhere between 75 and 90 pounds. Purebred German Shepherds are longer than they are tall, and the panda German Shepherd is no exception. Despite the name, most panda Shepherds are not only black and white German Shepherd dogs today are not only known for being prone to hip and elbow dysplasia and degenerative myelopathy, a condition where the lower portion of the spine begins to literally disintegrate in later life, and osteoarthritis. Hock walking is another more recent condition that has become more common in purebred German Shepherd dogs today

Available Puppies: AKC Registered German Shepherd Puppies, Currently vaccinated with Veterinarian examination, Health certificate & Shipping German Shepherd Dog Puppy For Sale in WARREN, MA, USA. We have a beautiful purebred female german shepherd puppy available. She is current on vaccinations and deworming The German Shepherd Dog stands supreme as the most popular breed worldwide, valued for its high intelligence, its distinguished good looks, and its loyal temperament. They were originally bred as a herding dog and guardian of the flock in Germany, but because of this dogs' superior intelligence it has become a versatile working and service. About Serious Black German Shepherds. Serious Black German Shepherds is located in Sebago Lakes Region of Western Maine. We are a second-generation Black German Shepherd breeder with more than 50 years of experience. We got our first Black German Shepherd in 1969, and it's been an exceptional journey ever since

The German Shepherd isn't just popular in the United States. In fact there are hundreds of thousands German Shepherds around the globe. Theer are 250.000 purebred German Shepherd Dogs in Germany alone, with about 15.000 puppies born each year. There is even a World Union of German Shepherd Dog Clubs. (https://www.schaeferhunde.de German Shepherds are amazing pets and wonderful companions! But if you are looking for a purebred German Shepherd puppy, you need to make sure that you use a reputable breeder with a history of quality breeding standards. This list provides you with the Top German Shepherd Breeders in the U.S The cost of online German Shepherd puppies will vary depending on a number of factors. Pedigree (German Shepherd mix puppies for sale in PA), breeder experience and coat color (black and silver German Shepherd puppies for sale in PA) can all influence the price of dogs you find online

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Miniature German Shepherds are what's known as designer dogs that come from cross-breeding a purebred German Shepherd with a smaller dog: typically a Collie or a Poodle. The result is a Mini German Shepherd that is a versatile and playful, smaller breed that would make a good family pet or a mini guard dog Longhaired German Shepherd Puppies - $800 I have 4 purebred German Shepherd puppies left! 3 girls and 1 boy. Born on April 12th so will be ready starting June 7th.. Get Healthy Pups From Responsible and Professional Breeders At PuppySpot. Find Your New Family Member Today, and Discover The PuppySpot Difference Baumwolle offers World Class and TRUE GERMAN purebred German Shepherd Puppies for sale. We have Schutzund, IPO and AKC dogs in which we carefully breed to produce only High Quality Purebred German Shepherd puppies, some imported directly from Germany

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Tip #3: Consider Adopting a German Shepherd Mix Puppy. If you are still looking for free German Shepherd puppies and want a new doggie companion and are having problems finding a purebred German Shepherd why not consider adopting a GSD mix dog or puppy? You'll be surprised just how much GSD mixes have in common with their pure bred GSD. German Shepherd Puppies For Sale, German Shepherd Puppy for sale, German Shepherd puppies, German Shepherd Puppy, Personal Protection dogs for sale, Personal protection dogs, k9 dog for sale, Police Dogs for sale, Police Dogs, German Shepherd breeder, German Shepherd Dog Breeders in California with highest quality working line German Shepherd Dog Vom Issam Haus German Shepherd puppies are big boned, black and red in pigment with very sound temperament and possess super play drive. Our German shepherd puppies will be of correct structure. They are perfect for pet companion, show ring or Shutzhund. Vom Issam Haus stands behind their puppies, our German shepherd puppies are guaranteed for. The German Shepherd Dog is also commonly known as the GSD, German police dog, Alsatian and Deutscher Schaferhund. Common misspellings of the breed name are German Sheppard, German Shepard, German Shephard, German Sheperd and German Shepperd During the 1960's, with the white German Shepherd becoming ever more popular, friction developed between breeders of the white German Shepherd and the standard colored German Shepherd. Genetic problems appearing in the German Shepherd Dog were increasingly blamed on the white German Shepherd, and Germany began a campaign to outlaw the white.

Our German Shepherd breedings are from strong working bloodlines that will bring many qualities that we expect from the East German DDR and West Working German Shepherd Dogs, like health, temperament, correct structure, big bone, broad head, deep rich pigment, character, and overall working ability Shiraz Farm German Shepherds come from the very best pedigrees. The beauty, health and temperament of the dogs are considered as well as the mental characteristics of the dogs. Our dogs are the ultimate companion for your family. They also have been widely used for Search and Rescue (SAR), Service Work for the disabled and for protection work German Shepherds, originally bred from a line of herding and farm dogs in Germany, are very popular working dogs, companions and protectors. X Trustworthy Source American Kennel Club The American Kennel Club (AKC) is a purebred dog pedigree registry in the United States

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A German Shepherd puppy bought from a respected breeder will usually cost between $300 and $900 (or more), depending on whether she is a normal German Shepherd, show-dog or a working dog. Adult German Shepherds who are proven show dogs or work dogs cost $6,000 to $7,000 or more The German Shepherd Dog is the one of the most adopted and famous breed through-out the world, popular for its intelligence, obedient behaviour, and guardian kind of instincts. They are children's favorite and one of the best family dogs you could own. We provide some of the best quality German Shepherd puppies for sale The colors of the German Shepherd puppies are black and silver, solid white, and silver/tan sable puppies. These puppies are short coat and long coat puppies. When we have short coat and long coat puppies available the puppy ad will state if the puppy is a long coat otherwise the puppy is a short coat The purebred German shepherds we breed at Vom Hognadottirs make loving family companions, as well as great working and service dogs. German shepherd dogs are a relatively recent breed, derived from old breeds of herding and farm dogs in Germany in 1899. Eager and alert, they make great companions, watchdogs, and service dogs German Shepherd Mixes. The notion of the designer dog, which is the mating of two different purebred dogs, has been around for some time but it has recently increased in popularity.With the German Shepherd being one of the most popular purebred dogs around, it was only a matter of time until there were enough German Shepherd mixes to write about

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The height of the German Shepherd ranges from 60 to 65 cm. for the male and 55 to 60 cm for the female. The weight of a German Shepherd can vary depending on each bloodline but the breed standard of the German Shepherd is 34 to 36 kg. for the male and 30 to 32 kg. for the female. Protecting his family and house is a priority for a German. Next we have ANJA. She represents our showline of purebred German Shepherds. She's a long haired direct import and hails from Serbia by way of West Virginia. Very sweet and loving disposition. Beauty AND brains. Anja is also an AKC registered purebred and produces the most beautiful, fluffy long haired puppies you've ever seen

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I have 4 Purebred German Shepherd puppies for adoption, 2 male, 2 female Born Mar 5th 2021 They are very active, very friendly and just need... May 3, 2021. 9 weeks old Fullblooded AKC registered German shepherds for sale. Import lines from Germany. These puppies have strong bones and great perso... April 27, 2021. View more German shepherds have existed for only a little more than 100 years. The breed was developed in the late 1800s by Max von Stephanitz, who dreamed of standardizing the motley array of German farm. The German Shepherd breed has a certain skill set and instincts and combined with our experience and expertise, we have a great responsibility to continue the best lineage of purebred German Shepherds that we bring to market in the US W e are small kennel with a few quality German Shepherd dogs. Our kennel is located in South Carolina state, in the town of Chesnee. We are breeding Working and Show West German lines. Our German Shepherds are purebred AKC registered and champion bloodlines, OFA Hips and Elbows Certified.Our goal is to breed quality German Shepherds that will be easy to train, calm and well mannered

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German Shepherd (GSD) is one of the four most famous German dog breeds (i.e. Rottweiler, Shepherd, Doberman Pinscher and Leonberger) in the world.German Shepherd could be raised as a family member, as a house/farm guardian, or as a police and army dog. Purebred German Shepherd price is about $500 on average and divided into many levels depending on raising purposes Our Wonderful Purebred German Shepherd Puppies are here. Born April 19th, 2021. Ready for their forever homes June 14th. Mother (On site) is a wonderful family dog, mellow temperament, eager to please, beautiful marking, and approximately 70lbs in size. Dad is a happy go lucky boy, sweet temperament, and just wants all the attention

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White German Shepherds are a fault. A fatal fault as I call it because it can't even be shown and in most countries who care about GSD's (France, Germany, Holland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary) they're not allowed to be bred (they shouldn't be AKC registerable either in my opinion unless of course they want to break away from the German Shepherd Dog breed and lose the connotations. German Shepherd German Shepherds are most often seen as family companions and as law enforcement or military dogs. Just like Australian Shepherds, German Shepherds have a long history of herding. But, rather than the Pyrenees Mountains, these dogs descend from various regions of Germany Purebred German Shepherds are longer than they are tall, and the panda German Shepherd is no exception. Despite the name, most panda Shepherds are not only black and white. They can have a third color, which leads to them often being called tricolor German Shepherds. Photo from @judeandpearl (IG

The German Shepherd was developed from various sheepherding dogs. So you would expect sheepherding traits such as athleticism, a compulsion to chase things that move, and swift responsiveness to their human shepherd/master. German Shepherds were also developed as military messenger and sentry dogs, and as personal protection and police dogs Purebred German Shepherd Puppies. Located in Ontario, Canada, we register our purebred German shepherd puppies with the Canadian Kennel Club as well as the SV in Germany. Our mission is to produce the best German shepherds in the world -- friendly, loyal, strong and healthy. Our dogs have excellent pedigrees with wonderful temperaments The Black German Shepherd is a pure German Shepherd and doesn't qualify as a separate breed, but it stands out because of its color 100% black. The Black German Shepherds are very rare, and for that reason, their price is much higher, you can expect to find a Black Shepherd puppy around $700 to $2000 Name: Drago- Solid Black Working Line Stud German Shepherd Description: Drago is my solid black working line male from Germany. Drago has an awesome pedigree. Paska vom Salztalblick is his father and a very highly known dog that is SCH 3

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