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NF53-4/66-320 Jacquard Loom (Narrow Fabric Weaving System) The JXNF53-4/66-320 jacquard loom is a specialized piece of equipment for manufacturing narrow fabrics in a variety... NFB78-12/27-16Needle Loom The JXNFB78-12/27 needle loom is especially suitable for high-performance elastic and non-elastic woven tapes.. Jacquard Loom Jacquard looms are used to create larger figured designs, which cannot be produced on a dobby loom and where the warp threads are controlled individually through a patterning mechanism which can be a mechanical one or linked to a computer aided design (CAD) system. From: Woven Textiles, 201 Invented by Joseph Jacquard and demonstrated in 1801, the Jacquard Loom is an attachment for powered fabric looms. It uses a chain of punch cards to instruct the loom on how to make intricate textiles. For example, a loom could have hundreds of cards with holes corresponding to hooks that can be raised or lowered to make a textile brocade

The Jac­quard sys­tem was developed in France in 1804-05 by Joseph-Marie Jacquard, improving on the original punched-card design of Jacques de Vaucanson's loom of 1745. The punched cards controlled the actions of the loom, allowing automatic production of intricate woven patterns The Jacquard Loom is controlled by a chain of multiple cards punched with holes that determine which cords of the fabric warp should be raised for each pass of the shuttle. The ability to store and automatically reproduce complex operations found wide application in textile manufacturing Jacquard's Early Life Joseph Marie Jacquard was born in Lyon, France on the July 7th, 1752 to a master weaver and his wife. When Jacquard was 10 years old, his father died, and the boy inherited two looms, among other holdings. He went into business for himself and married a woman of some means Goodfore Tex Machinery Co., Ltd. is a rising high-and-new technology enterprise. We are engaged in studying and producing jacquard machine,reconditioned loom and spare parts of imported textile machines

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  2. Jacquard looms are recorded as being used in the Scottish textile industry from the 1820s. It is believed that they were operational in Angus, Kincardineshire and Paisley for shawl production and Dunfermline for damask weaving. Above: Cloth being woven on the Jaquard loom in the Scotland Transformed gallery
  3. The Jacquard Loom was the first loom that automatically created complex textile patterns. This led to the mass production of cloth with intricate designs. Joseph Marie Charles Jacquard of France.
  4. The Jacquard loom is a loom machine developed in the early 1800s that used a series of punch cards to control weave operations. It is named for Joseph Marie Jacquard, its inventor, and is considered part of the historical chain of progress toward modern computing operations

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The AVL Jacq3G is the ideal jacquard loom for designers, educational institutions, production hand weavers and artists. Whether weaving samples, production fabric or works of art, Jacq3G yields unprecedented design freedom and the latitude to create an unlimited variety of motifs and fabrics The Jacquard Loom, a weaving machine invented in 1801 by Joseph-Marie Jacquard, used the first punched data cards, invented before there were any computers in the world. These data cards were the program that ran the loom. The cards were carried in linked chains, and they controlled the weaving pattern by influencing the position of the. jacquard loom for sale offered on the site are protective and made by reliable brands known for high-quality products. Given the nature of these products, they are made with the highest regard for the safety and fineness of materials. The. jacquard loom for sale on Alibaba.com are available in varying widths and thicknesses. While some are.

Economical jacquard loom. The economical computerized jacquard loom series utilizes computerized jacquard head and plastic jacquard modules. Since launched to the market in 2001, thousand of this series of ribbon weaving machines have been sold and its mature design has earned highly praise of our customers YongJin Machinery is one of China's leading jacquard loom, needle loom, webbing machine, warp machine, tape winding machine manufacturers, supplying a great selection of machine for sale which is with high definition and good price. We also offer video for quality checking, welcome to contact us Joseph-Marie Jacquard's loom, first developed in 1801, is programmable. It used a series of punched cards to control the lifting of each individual warp thread to weave a figured fabric. With this loom, weavers could create intricate patterns more easily, faster, and with better accuracy. Punch card technology became the basis for computer data storage during the 20th century

Jacquard's Web describes the mechanism very briefly, but then goes on to explore the colorful subsequent history of Jacquard's invention. Punched cards were adopted in the 1820s by an eccentric genius named Charles Babbage, who hoped to use them to program a steam-driven mechanical computer Jacquard loom definition, a loom for producing elaborate designs in an intricate weave (Jacquard weave ) constructed from a variety of basic weaves. See more The Jacquard Loom was introduced in Britain in the 1820s. Now lower skilled labourers could create equally beautiful products to skilled weavers, for a fraction of the price. While this made textiles more affordable and generated huge profits for the mill owners, it also led to job losses for the skilled weavers

The Jacquard Loom was a significant breakthrough in the history of textile production, an essential manufacturing tool of the Industrial Revolution. Joseph Marie Jacquard, a silk weaver from Lyon, France, first demonstrated his improved drawloom at an industrial exposition in Paris in 1801 The Jacquard loom is called the forefather of automatic calculators. Computers, for instance. This was indeed the very first machine which could read the information contained on a punched card. But let's see how Jacquard weaving works. The 5 stages of Jacquard weaving The Jacquard Loom inspired Charles Babbage's idea for the Analytical Engine designed to use punched cards to feed mathematical numbers into a machine. Ada Lovelace observed, The Analytical Engine weaves algebraic patterns, just as the Jacquard loom weaves flowers and leaves

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  1. Before the invention of the Jacquard loom, coverlets were of a geometric design. Weavers had limited capabilities on multi-shaft looms. After the invention of the Jacquard loom, intricate patterns of flowers, birds, houses, trains, stars, trees, figures of people, and other designs were possible to achieve by the village weaver. He was only.
  2. Our main products include jacquard loom, needle loom, etc. It is the mission of make high quality weaving machine, devote to global weaving industry. The company has an independent and powerful R & D team to obtain more than 20 national practical patents and invention patents. The company's products have been certified by the CE European Union
  3. A jacquard loom is a mechanical loom that simplifies the manufacture of complex patterns. Originally controlled by a sequence of hole-punched cards laced together, these looms now operate under CAD systems. They can be labor-intensive to set up initially. Jacquard weaving is a durable, high quality alternative to printed webbing, capable of.

The Qmatex QW-1-1500 velvet loom is a wire loom to manufacture exclusive and high-end cut and loop pile velvets. With its roots back to 1945, Meersschaert G.R.J. NV has accumulated several decades of experience in the field of pile fabric wire looms. Since January 2020, Qmatex took over the textile related activities of Meersschaert G.R.J. NV and continues manufacturing and developing next. There's a working Jacquard loom in the village. He is now using a laser cutter at TechShop to create new punch cards for the looms. The traditional way to create a card is to use a custom key puncher. The key puncher is designed for the specific loom, and you can't use a key puncher from one manufacturer to create cards for a different loom In Varanasi, before the advent of jacquard looms, weaving was done on jala looms. A 'jala' is a kind of frame on which the design is first created using threads by nakshabands (pattern-makers). This is attached to the loom as a master harness. Some master weavers still use the jala loom in Varanasi Now, back to Jacquard's loom. The key to operating any computer lies in transmitting sequences of on-off commands. Babbage used Jacquard-style punched cards. The presence or absence of a hole communicated a simple on-off command to the machine. But Babbage's idea went fallow for a long time.. We are good quality supplier of Jacquard loom, Needle loom, Warping machine from China. 1 2 3 . HONG KONG HONGYING TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED. HONGYING is located in Dogguan, the famous maufacturing city with convenient transportation, and covers an area of 6000 square meters. Our company has specialized in developing and manufeturing weaving.

The Jacquard Loom was the first loom that automatically created complex textile patterns. This led to the mass production of cloth with intricate designs. Joseph Marie Charles Jacquard of France was born into a family of weavers in 1752. He received no formal schooling but tinkered with ways to improve the mechanical textile looms of the day How does the Jacquard loom work? Weaving is the interlacing of two or more sets of threads, a lengthwise warp thread and crosswise weft thread, usually at a ninety-degree angle. The Jacquard Loom is a specialized loom based on a system of punched cards and hooks, which allows a weaver to produce more complicated and intricate patterns

The jacquard loom may be one of the most important weaving advances in history. You may not realize it, but the jacquard loom's technological advances were actually a precursor to early computer hardware development The Jacquard Loom was a brilliant piece of engineering that used punched cards to record, and repeat, the woven pattern (Garfinkel and Grunspan 40). A master weaver would begin by designing the. Joseph-Marie Jacquard, (born July 7, 1752, Lyon, France—died Aug. 7, 1834, Oullins), French inventor of the Jacquard loom, which served as the impetus for the technological revolution of the textile industry and is the basis of the modern automatic loom.. Jacquard first formed the idea for his loom in 1790, but his work was cut short by the French Revolution, in which he fought on the side. Jacquard's Loom showing the threads and the punched cards By selecting particular cards for Jacquard's loom you defined the woven pattern [photo 2002 IEEE] A close-up of a Jacquard card This tapestry was woven by a Jacquard loom Jacquard's technology was a real boon to mill owners, but put many loom operators out of work

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  1. Electronic Jacquard Leading Manufacturer of 672 hook electronic jacquard on power loom, electronic jacquard, electronic jacquard attachment, 640 hook electronic jacquard, rapier jacquard loom with double beam attachment and jacquard looms from Surat
  2. The AVL Jacq3G is the ideal jacquard loom for designers, educational institutions, production hand weavers and artists. Whether weaving samples, production fabric or works of art, Jacq3G yields unprecedented design freedom and the latitude to create an unlimited variety of motifs and fabrics. Like all jacquards, Jacq
  3. The term Jacquard loom is a bit of a misnomer. The Jacquard mechanism is just one of the components of a loom, not the entire loom itself; let me clarify. Any textile loom includes the following essential mechanisms (Figure 1) 1) warp supply (Y at right) 2) weaving stage, containing mecha
  4. Jacquard's Loom. Punched cards, used today to provide data and instructions to computers, were invented in the late eighteenth century by French inventor Joseph-Marie Jacquard (1752 - 1834) and were used to automate the weaving industry in France.. Jacquard was born on July 7, 1752 in a small village near Lyon
  5. Jacquard loom and operator. (Britannica) Early American Jacquard coverlet from 1852. (Anonymous collection.) Early American Jacquard coverlet from 1842. (Anonymous collection.) Early American Jacquard coverlet from 1861. (Anonymous collection.) A complete working Jacquard loom configured to weave 18 ribbons.
  6. Electronic Jacquard Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include high speed electronic jacquard, high speed rapier loom with electronic jacquard, electronic jacquard machine for power loom, power looms electronic jacquards, high speed electronic jacquard machine and somet loom electronic jacquard

Kyang Yhe (KY) ENJ Narrow Fabric Jacquard Loom Machine Introduction. Product patent and development technical skills for High Speed Needle Loom Machine, and machine model diversification and high structural stability, and follow customer demand customized.. Manufacturing Needle Loom Machine and international managing experience with professional technical skill more than 50 years Jacquard Loom - geograph.org.uk - 2326269.jpg 800 × 531; 126 KB Jacquard loom exhibited at La Fonderie, Brussels Museum of Industry and Labour.JPG 1,688 × 3,008; 1.12 MB Jacquard loom in Varanasi.jpg 686 × 1,024; 404 K The style of weaving, called jacquard weaving, allows virtually any loom to systematically raise independent warp threads to create a textured pattern. By adding an attachment to mechanical looms, jacquard weaving lends increased versatility and diversity to the weaving process and allows manufacturers to have greater control over warp yarn Design Jacquard is a tribute to our predeccosors wherein an array of tools is provided for creating artwork interactively, facilities to create and attribute weaves to the artwork. info@textronic.net 91 - 986760488 Jacquard Looms. 196 likes · 1 talking about this. New EP - 'Too Cold 2 Snow' - Out Now https://smarturl.it/TooCold2Sno

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  1. Automatic Grade: Automatic. Machine Type: Automatic. We are engaged in providing a wide range of Electronic Jacquard Looms For Narrow Fabric Loom. These are based on micro soft windows software system and ideal fo
  2. The Jacquard loom. A Jacquard loom is a mechanical loom which uses a series of punch cards to control the weaving of patterns. Prior to its invention weaving was a labour-intensive process that relied on experienced professionals to produce even straightforward textile designs
  3. In this way, what did the Jacquard loom do? Jacquard Loom.Invented by Joseph Jacquard and demonstrated in 1801, the Jacquard Loom is an attachment for powered fabric looms.It uses a chain of punch cards to instruct the loom on how to make intricate textiles. This digital version is used to create instructions for the loom to make a textile version of the scan
  4. The pattern loom was finally perfected in 1801 by Joseph Jacquard of Lyon, France who received an award for his innovations at the Paris Exposition. This Halton Jacquard mechanism from the 1920s (above) was used to weave the contemporary Coquette label (top-right) from a massive chain of punched cards (bottom right)
  5. MLA Format. George Arents Collection, The New York Public Library. Jacquard loom. The New York Public Library Digital Collections
  6. The Jacquard loom not only cut back on the amount of human labor, but also allowed for patterns to now be stored on cards and to be utilized over and over again to achieve the same uniform product. The idea behind the Jacquard-loom was a system of punch cards and hooks. The cards were made very thick and had rectangular holes punched in them

Congratulations on your purchase of an AVL Dobby- Jacquard Loom. It's time to get to know your loom. Please read the manual before using the loom. Figure 1 - Side View reveals some of the major components. Note your loom comes with two Jacquard heads and eight harnesses. Each head includes 336 hooks that are connected to the heddles The jacquard loom, being a loom, is obviously a machine for making fabrics, but with a very particular methodology invented in France in 1801 by Joseph-Marie Jacquard, from which it takes its name. The great innovation that Jacquard made, compared to the existing looms up to that moment, was as simple as it was truly revolutionary Kyang Yhe develop three types of narrow fabric jacquard weaving loom machines, that have different operating with each type of jacquard looms. According to customers need the jacquard looms can produce various kinds of narrow fabric jacquard tape, width from 27mm to max 65mm, thickness less than 2.5mm, and jacquard hooks max have 640 needles to height variation jacquard pattern loom hook jacquard Prior art date 1937-11-12 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the status listed.) Expired - Lifetime Application number US174130A Inventor Stoehr Hans Original Assignee Stoehr Han TNF-07-03 chain roller+jacquard looms machine parts price * The world's top 500 appointed manufacturer, specializes in needle loom for more than 20 years. Our company produce all kinds of the spare parts for the textile machinery such as jacquard loom, needle loom, weaving loom, narrow fabric loom and so on, the accessories we made has.

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What does jacquard mean? Fabric woven on a jacquard loom. (noun) The White House has jacquard drapes in the East Room TELARES DE JACQUARD. jacquard3. Article by Cheung. 11. Computer Technology Science And Technology World's First Computer Math Patterns Jacquard Loom Folder Design Old Computers Other Mothers Computers. More information... More like thi An old Jacquard loom. In April 1805 the Emperor and empress Josephine visited Lyon, and during their tour, they viewed Jacquard's new loom. Jacquard was granted the patent for Jacquard's loom to the city of Lyon. In return, Jacquard received a lifelong pension of 3000 francs, a huge sum for the time The Jacquard loom revolutionized the textile industry and is the basis for the modern automatic loom. Little is known about the formative years and education of Joseph Marie Jacquard. He spent the first years of his professional life as an apprentice in bookbinding, type-founding, and cutlery shops.. Dec 30, 2014 - Explore Henry Chen's board Jacquard Loom, followed by 101 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about jacquard loom, loom, weaving

WGT24D high speed electronic jacquard machine main parameter: Hook number 5376 6912 7680 (24A type ) Suitable machine type high speed rapier loom ,air-jet ,water -jet ,gripper loom Opening height 50-120mm P. A loom. is a device used to weave fabric. The loom itself will be a Jacquard style loom. Jacquard looms allow for the individual control of each thread which in turn allows for photographic imagery to be woven

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China Jacquard Looms catalog of Vamatex Sp251 Terry Loom -260cm with Jacquard Year 1988, Used Textile Machine Sofa Curtain Fabric, Sulzer G6100 Terry Loom 280cm with Staubli CS860 Jacquard, Year 1995, Used Textile Machine Jacquard Machine with Good Price provided by China manufacturer - Heng Feng International Co., Ltd., page1 Sun Jacquard Co.,Ltd: As one of the most professional electronic jacquard, weaving loom, weaving spare part, biological detector, blood detector manufacturers and suppliers in China, we're featured by good service and low price. Please rest assured to buy high quality products made in China here from our factory. For quotation, contact us now Jacquard Looms transformed the silk industry. They are also considered an important part of the history of computing because they incorporate two important ideas. 1. The stored program concept - the program to operate a loom was stored separately from the machine in a set of punched cards. 2

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Jacquard fabric is a type of cloth featuring an intricate pattern woven into the warp on a special mechanical loom, rather than printed on the surface. It was a French weaver Joseph-Marie Jacquard who invented this technology in 1804, so the jacquard fabric was named after him Manufacturer of Electronic Jacquard - 672 Hook Electronic Jacquard On Power Loom, Electronic Jacquard Attachment, 640 Hook Electronic Jacquard and Rapier Jacquard Loom With Double Beam Attachment offered by Oscarwin Weaving Engineering, Surat, Gujarat

As more and more TC2 looms find new owners, there's a constant need to get them to discover the loom to its true potential through training, and these past weeks Vibeke Vestby been doing just that! First she was at the Textile Society of America's Symposium, where she took a post-conference Jacquard Weaving Workshop Jacquard's punch-card system worked much in the same way as a fax machine: each punch in the card directed a black or a white thread into the headstock of the loom, pinpointing the desired thread into place. The invention was not popular with loom operators, many of whom lost their jobs and took to smashing Jacquard looms in protest Most Advance Electronic Rapier Jacquard Loom for Jacquard weaving is available in wide widths upto 360cm & with 10,000 hooks electronic jacquard. The weaving machine & jacquard machine are perfectly integrated in a seamless single control panel to provide ease of operation while ensuring error-free weaving Jacquard loom 1. Jacquard The jacquard is a shedding device attached to the top of the hand loom or a power loom and controls a large number of warp threads with a view to produce the maximum variety of sheds (without any heald shaft) formaximum variety of sheds (without any heald shaft) for beautiful and intricate ornamental large design fabrics

The Jacquard loom, invented in the early 1800s, used punched cards to manufacture relatively complex textiles such as damask and brocade. These punched cards were eventually used by census workers. The Thread Controller 2 (TC2) is a Digital Jacquard loom manufactured by Tronrud Engineering AS, Dept. Digital Weaving Norway. The TC2 loom is a tool that assists during the Innovative or the Creative phase of the making of the textile and is designed primarily for Sampling, Rapid Prototyping or Product Development purposes. Many of our customer also use the loom for creating one-offs.

Supports for all major dobby and jacquard looms. Save time for production with our smart loom support. Save the fabric card in any major industrial dobby and jacquard loom format and send it to the loom for weaving. For supported loom formats, please check here: lin The Jacquard loom was a site of simultaneous separation of tasks in both technological and sensorial aspects. On one hand, the weaver moved from the immediate interaction of creating the tapestry only to relegate the tasks to the machine itself. On the other, the loom presented a site-specific body of a medium in history that housed the. These jacquard looms are highly reliable as these are manufactured using optimum quality material. Our organization instrumental in providing Rapier And Projectile Jacquard Looms with Mechanical or Electronic jacquards with working width starting from 180 cms - 390 cms and 4 to 8 color, and jacquards with 1344 hooks capacity to Jumbo Jacquards. Home Around 1800, a French weaver, Joseph Marie Jacquard devised a loom that operated with a series of punch cards to expedite the weaving process. Attempts had been made as early as 1728, but Jacquard's loom was the first truly successful attempt. It could take up to 424,000 cards to produce one shawl design. Th A Jacquard loom is a mechanical loom that was invented by Joseph-Marie Jacquard early in the 19th century. It revolutionized the way tapestries were woven and made the process much faster and easier. While it did help to automate the process, tapestries were still hand made

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Jacquard's father was a silk weaver and his mother a pattern maker, but he pursued careers as a plasterer, cutler, type founder, and soldier, before he found an interest in his father's loom and began weaving fabric experimentally The Jacquard loom is a mechanical loom, invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1801, which used the holes punched in pasteboard punch cards to control the weaving of patterns in fabric.The loom enabled even amateur weavers to weave complex designs. Each punch card corresponded to one row of the design and the cards were strung together in order.. Each hole in the card corresponds to a hook.

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Jacquard head synonyms, Jacquard head pronunciation, Jacquard head translation, English dictionary definition of Jacquard head. n. a loom for producing elaborate designs in an intricate weave constructed from a variety of basic weaves The Jacquard loom used replaceable punched cards to control a sequence of operations, and its invention is considered a seminal development in the history of computing. The ability to change the pattern of the loom's weave simply by switching cards was revolutionary, and proved an important precursor to the development of computer programming The Jacquard loom was invented in Lyon, France in the early 1800s, by Joseph-Marie Jacquard. During this time, weaving patterns was labour intensive and only the French elite could afford such luxury. But Joseph-Marie Jacquard's new loom automatically weaved specific patterns by reading metallic punch cards

Jacquard Loom - Power Point Presentation 1. THE JACQUARD LOOM A PRESENTATION BY BOBBI BILLARD 2. What is the Jacquard Loom? The Jacquard Loom is a mechanical loom that produces elaborate designs in an intricate weave. It was invented by Joseph-Marie Jacquard. 3. Joseph-Marie Jacquard • Born July 7, 1752 in Lyon, France • Son of a master. A double lift, open shed Jacquard loom comprises a Jacquard prism and a plurality of hooks controlled by suitable control needles. The leg of each hook contains three hook noses that are engageable with upper and lower sets of opposed, parallel knives. The sets of knives are movable toward and away from each other by a crank or camming mechanism Weaving Loom ,Vintage Small Weaving Loom , Toy Weaving Loom , Child Weaving Loom , Wooden Weaving Loom, Learning toy - Antique weaving loom ArwitShop 5 out of 5 stars (54) Sale Price $61.78 $ 61.78 $ 72.68 Original Price $72.68 (15%. Computerized jacquard loom 1, our computer jacquard adopts computer draw and design system, cooperating with the computer, 2, adopt 3.5 inch disk chinese data input system, contained embroiders data forma, working steady. 3, precision and nicety for this machine, firmness style, all series adopt special steels which are high precision disposal.

In Jacquard's Web, James Essinger tells the story of some of the most brilliant inventors the world has ever known, in this fascinating account of how a hand-loom invented in Napoleonic France led to the development of the modern information age. Essinger, a master story-teller, describes how Joseph-Marie Jacquard's loom enabled the silk-weavers of Lyons to weave fabrics 25 times faster than. Principally located in Ludhiana Punjab Amar Jacquard expertise within their field of textile machinery High speed Jacquards, Electronic Jacquard, Jacquard with Rapier Loom, Power Looms, Power Jacquard, Rapier Loom with advanced weaving technology.Throughout the history of Amar Jacquard our philosophy remains unchanged, continual investment in R&D

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Find here online price details of companies selling Jacquard Looms. Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of Jacquard Looms for buying in India Synonyms for Jacquard in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Jacquard. 3 synonyms for Jacquard: Joseph M. Jacquard, Joseph Marie Jacquard, Jacquard loom. What are synonyms for Jacquard

In July, 2014, I was fortunate enough to spend 10 days studying, and weaving on, the two major brands of jacquard loom available to today's handweaver: the AVL Jacq3G and Digital Weaving Norway's TC-2 (Thread Controller-2) jacquard looms. I thought my comparison might prove useful to other weavers, so I decided to post it on [ Jacquard (adj.) in reference to a type of loom, 1841, from Joseph Marie Jacquard (1752-1834) of Lyons, inventor of new weaving technology c. 1800

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Get jacquard loom at best price with product specifications. Listed jacquard loom manufacturers, suppliers, dealers & exporters are offering best deals for jacquard loom at your nearby location This is the last surviving loom from the days of the Norwich textile industry. It dates from the middle of the 19th century, when thousands like this were. Cognitive Market Research provides detailed analysis of Jacquard Loom in its recently published report titled, Jacquard Loom Market 2027. The research study is an outcome of extensive primary and secondary research conducted by our highly experienced analyst team located across the globe The Jacquard loom used programmable cards and went on to influence Charles Babbages work so the loom is considered an important step towards modern computing. Jacquard was born on July 7th 1752 and worked on his loom in the early 1800s. This portrait of Jacquard was actually woven on one of his looms. The amount of detail that could be achieved. Jacquard's web; how a hand loom led to the birth of the Information Age History enthusiast Essinger tracks the evolution of Jacquard 's machine, a set of punched cards that directed patterns produced on silk looms, finding that Jacquard adapted (but did not invent) the system primarily to corner the silk weaving market

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Joseph Marie Jacquard shares the problem of other famous figures whose influence similarly exploded from middle age but never left written materials by their own hand. In Jacquard's case, after years of desperate poverty, this weaver made the ultimate improvement in hand loom technology in the year 1804 Jacquard is made on a jacquard loom, although it was made on a hand loom until 1804. Jacquards are very similar to brocades as their patterns are woven into the material. However, while both feature notable and elaborate patterns, a jacquard can be considered 2-dimensional where as a brocade can be considered 3-dimensional

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The Jacquard Loom | DeskaratiAVL Looms :: Jacquard LoomJacquard Weaving Loom Stock Photos and Pictures | Getty ImagesJoho the Blog » Jacquard LoomJacquard loom - Wikimedia CommonsJacquard Stock Photos and Pictures | Getty ImagesJacquard Loom Stock Photo, Royalty Free Image: 56696287Fashion Encyclopedia - Textiles- Jacquard Loom
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