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total perimeter minus the dry perimeter at the top of the pipe. These equations are shown below along with a diagram for more than half full pipe flow. Example #3: Calculate the hydraulic radius for water flowing 3.4 ft deep in a 48-inch diameter storm sewer used for circular pipes, substituting an equivalent diameter for the pipe diameter. The equivalent diameter . D e, which is set equal to four times the Hydraulic Radius, R. h. is defined as follows. Cross-Sectional Area 4 4. e h. Wetted Perimeter. D R = = ×. In this definition, the term wetted perimeter is used to designate the. The hydraulic radius, R, is the proportion between the area and the perimeter of your pipe. If the pipe is circular, you will find it according to the following equation: R = A / P = πr² / 2πr = r / 2 = d / 4 where r is the pipe radius, and d is the pipe diameter Weight of empty pipes per unit length can be calculated as wp = ρm Am = ρm (π (do / 2)2 - π (di / 2)2) = ρm π (do2 - di2) / 4 (3

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  1. Shapes Formulas Rectangle Area = Length X Width A = lw Perimeter = 2 X Lengths + 2 X Widths P = 2l + 2w Parallelogram Area = Base X Height A = bh Perimeter = add the length of all sides P = 2a + 2b Triangle Area = 1/2 of the base X the height A = bh Perimeter = a + b + c (add the length of the three sides) P = Trapezoid Area = 1/2 of the base X.
  2. Perimeter Formulas The perimeter of any polygon is the sum of the lengths of all the sides. Note: ab means a multiplied by b. a 2 means a squared, which is the same as a times a
  3. Tube calculator, hollow cylinder calculator. Calculate unknown variables for surface area, circumference, volume and radius of a tube given height and 2 known variables or given volume and 2 known variables. Online calculators and formulas for a tube and other geometry problems

We know the formula to find the perimeter of the circle if the diameter is given, namely π· D. Substitute the diameter 4.4 and Pi value as 3.14 in the above formula. Perimeter = (3.14) (4.4) = 13.82 Therefore 13.82 cm is the perimeter of the given circle Secondly, Wetted perimeter of the pipe, since, we consider that the pipe has 100% flow, so the total inside perimeter of the pipe is equal to total wetted perimeter of the pipe. P=2πr P=2 X 3.14 X 0.05 P=0.314 Wetted Perimeter (P) (m) This is the perimeter of the pipe or conveyance which is in contact with the water at the flow level being considered

To determine the hydraulic radius of a pipe, one must calculate the ratio of the cross-section to the wetted perimeter. The wetted perimeter is the portion of the cross-section which is wet. The equation reads as such: R h = A/ Solving for hydraulic radius of a fully, half or partially filled pipe. This calculator will solve steps 1 thru 7 given flow depth and radius Hydraulic Radius Formula. The following equations are used to calculate the hydraulic radius and wetted perimeter. R = A / P. Where R is the hydraulic radius; A is the cross sectional area; and P is the wetted perimeter. In this case, we are assuming that the fluid is moving through a piper that is completely full Formula : Perimeter of cylinder ( P ) = here d is the diameter of the cylinder h is the height of the cylinder Examples : Input : diameter = 5, height = 10 Output : Perimeter = 30 Input : diameter = 50, height = 150 Output : Perimeter = 400 . Recommended: Please try your approach on first, before moving on to the solution. C+

The perimeter of a cylinder is calculated by calculating the circumference of its circular area. This circumference of the circle forming the cylinder can be calculated by either multiplying the diameter of the circle by Pi or multiplying twice of the radius with pi. Formula: P=2 π r Where, P = Perimeter r = Radius Example: A cylinder. concrete pipe supplier for copies of specific reports. Values of 1.486/n x A x R2/3 are listed in Tables 2 through 5 for concrete and corrugated metal pipe of vari-ous commercial shapes. Based on Manning's Formula, these values are equal to Q/S1/2 for full flow. For any Q/S1/2 value, the size of pipe required can be read directly fro

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A = area section of the duct or pipe (m2, ft2) p = wetted perimeter of the duct or pipe (m, ft) Note! - inches are commonly used in the Imperial unit system. Hydraulic Diameter of a Circular Tube or Duct Based on equation (1) the hydraulic diameter of a circular duct can be expressed as When a=b, the ellipse is a circle, and the perimeter is 2πa (62.832... in our example). When b=0 (the shape is really two lines back and forth) the perimeter is 4a (40 in our example). They all get the perimeter of the circle correct, but only Approx 2 and 3 and Series 2 get close to the value of 40 for the extreme case of b=0 The volume of fluid in a pipe can be found given the inner diameter of the pipe and the length. To estimate pipe volume, use the following formula: volume = π × d 2 4 × h. Thus, the volume of a pipe is equal to pi times the pipe diameter d squared over 4, times the length of the pipe h The word 'perimeter' is also sometimes used, although this usually refers to the distance around polygons, figures made up of straight line segments. If you know the radius Given the radius of a circle, the circumference can be calculated using the formula where: R is the radius of the circle π is Pi, approximately 3.14

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  1. Perimeter. Perimeter is the distance around a two-dimensional shape. Example: the perimeter of this rectangle is 7+3+7+3 = 20. Example: the perimeter of this regular pentagon is:. 3+3+3+3+3 = 5×3 = 1
  2. For a fully filled duct or pipe whose cross-section is a regular polygon, the hydraulic diameter is equivalent to the diameter of a circle inscribed within the wetted perimeter. This can be seen as follows: The N {\displaystyle N} -sided regular polygon is a union of N {\displaystyle N} triangles, each of height D / 2 {\displaystyle D/2} and.
  3. The Excel Formulas in the spreadsheet templates that can be downloaded will calculate water flow rates for pipe sizes (diameters and lengths) using the Hazen Williams formula. Both S.I. versions and U.S. versions of the Hazen Williams equation are presented and discussed. The limitations for use of the Hazen Williams equation for water flow rate calculations are discussed
  4. Maths Area and Perimeter Formulas. As we know that geometry is the study of shapes. Geometry deals with plane shapes and solid shapes. We calculate different terms associated with the shapes, like length, width, height, area, perimeter, volume, etc. Area and volume are the two important concepts used in our daily life

Among these is the Chézy formula which dealt with water flow in open channels. Using the concept of 'wetted perimeter' and the internal diameter of a pipe the Chézy formula could be adapted to estimate the head loss in a pipe, although the constant 'C' had to be determined experimentally. The Darcy-Weisbach equatio How to Calculate Circumference [Perimeter] of a Pipe [Cylinder shape] with Specified Pitch? Actually I want to find the length of thread to wind a pipe. Is there any formula or formula name I can.. Description of Pipe Value of C In: Terence McGhee. Water Supply and Sewerage, Sixth Edition. McGraw-Hill. 1991. Channel Characteristics: Hydraulic Radius and Wetted Perimeter • Wetted Perimeter - surface of pipe or channel where fluid is touching (accounts for areas where friction effects are occurring) The hydraulic radius is obtained by dividing the cross-sectional area of the flow by the wetted perimeter of the pipe (i.e., the perimeter along which the flow is in contact with the pipe walls). The value of the hydraulic radius varies with the level of flow. For the pressure pipe portion of this chapter, pipes will be assumed to be flowing full

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Do you know the flows in each pipe? Because the flows give you the wetted perimeter. 1/2 full = 1/2 perimeter you will need to look at the internal angle of the arc length of the dry perimeter. then convert to radians and there you go Physical values in Darcy formula are very obvious and can be easily obtained when pipe properties are known like D - pipe internal diameter, L - pipe length and when flow rate is known, velocity can be easily calculated using continuity equation For Equation 10-1, the portion of wetted perimeter represented by the vertical (or near-vertical) face of the curb is ignored. This justifiable expedient does not appreciably alter the resulting estimate of depth of flow in the curb and gutter section. whether natural ground or a storm drain pipe, will determine the maximum depth of the.

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  1. Hydraulic Radius Equations Formulas Calculator Open Channel Flow Fluid Mechanics Hydraulics. wetted perimeter (P w) wetted perimeter: hydraulic radius of a pipe: mean depth. mean depth: area of section flow: top water surface width: Froude number
  2. The wetted perimeter is the perimeter of the cross sectional area that is wet. The length of line of the intersection of channel wetted surface with a cross sectional plane normal to the flow direction. The term wetted perimeter is common in civil engineering, environmental engineering, hydrology, geomorphology, and heat transfer applications; it is associated with the hydraulic diameter or.
  3. Our free online perimeter calculator allows you to quickly and easily calculate the perimeter of any square, rectangle, or rhombus. The tool also can take the height and width in one unit, such as inches, and output a different unit, such as meters
  4. For a round pipe flowing full, the wetted perimeter would be the pipe circumference, and the hydraulic radius would be equal to the diameter divided by 4. S is the slope of the energy gradient expressed as a raw slope (not a percentage) in feet per feet
  5. The wetted perimeter is likewise calculated as the difference between the total perimeter of the pipe and perimeter of the dry portion above the fluid. Wetted Perimeter of a circular channel, P = αD where α = cos -1 (1-h/r) h - height of flo
  6. g a rectangle. Now calculate the circumference (perimeter) of the circle for

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  1. For the calculation, specify the inner and outer pipe diameter and total length of the pipeline. All dimensions are in millimeters. Calculation of pipes are based on a formula V=π*R1*R1*L Calculation of the surface area of the pipes are based on a formula P=2*π*R2*L R1 - inner radius pipes R2 - outer radius pipes L - pipe lengt
  2. The formula for the perimeter of a parallelogram is (width + height) x 2, as seen in the figure below: A parallelogram's perimeter is calculated using the same formula as a rectangle, since in both shapes the opposite sides are equal in length. Perimeter of a trapezoi
  3. Using Eq. (9.9), substitute the standard formulas for the area of a circle, as the pipe is flowing full, and its perimeter, because the entire inside of the pipe is wetted, to give: R = A P = πr2 2πr = r 2 This result is at first disconcerting, as it is expected that the hydraulic radius should be simply the radius of the pipe r

The common formula for trapezoid area, A = y(b + B)/2, is a good starting point for obtaining a useful equation for A. It can be seen from the diagram that B = b + 2zy, so the trapezoid area can be expressed in terms y, b, and z: A = (y/2)(b + b + 2zy) Simplifying gives: A = by + zy 2. The wetted perimeter can be expressed as: P = b + 2λ You may need to strengthen your though processes to assimilate the information in the other posts. Something like the following, but not meant to be an endorsement. If you are having trouble to put a string around a large pipe because it is half b.. If you need to find the perimeter of a triangle, use the formula p = a + b + c, where a, b, and c are the lengths of the 3 sides of the triangle. Finally, to find the perimeter of a circle, use the formula c = π (d), where c is the perimeter and d is the diameter Equivalent Sand Roughness Coefficient (ks) (m) The Roughness Coefficient is a measurement of the average roughness of the wetted perimeter of a pipe or conveyance. This allows the Colebrook-White formula to correct for the effect of this roughness slowing down the water as it moves through the pipe or conveyance. Typical values are given below

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This calculator will calculate the various properties of a tube, also called a pipe or hollow cylinder for given values for inner-outer radius and height. The hollow circular cylinder is a three-dimensional solid confined by two parallel cylindrical surfaces having two parallel circular bases. The formulas and Definitions: Area of a Hollow. Hydraulic radius, abbreviated as \(r_h\), is the area cross-section of water in a pipe or channel divided by the wetting perimeter. Hydraulic Radius of a Pipe formula \(\large{ r_h = \frac { A_c } { P } }\ With the use of Excel formulas in an Excel spreadsheet, however, the rather inconvenient equations for area and wetted perimeter in partially full pipe flow become much easier to work with. The calculations are complicated a bit by the need to consider the Manning roughness coefficient to be variable with depth of flow as discussed in the next. Visit www.mathswrap.co.uk for more great resources Introduction. The hydraulic diameter (aka hydraulic mean diameter) is used for a fluid flowing in a pipe, duct or other conduit of any shape. This uses the perimeter and the area of the conduit to provide the diameter of a pipe which has proportions such that conservation of momentum is maintained

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Formulas. Math. Browse all » Wolfram Community » Wolfram Language » Demonstrations » Connected Devices » Area: Perimeter . For centroid, moments of inertia, polar moments of inertia, and radius of gyration, click on the following shapes: Elliptical Half: Elliptical Quarter Or as a formula: where: w is the width of the rectangle h is the height of the rectangle. In the figure above, drag any orange dot to resize the rectangle. From the width and height shown, calculate the perimeter and verify your result matches the formula at the top of the diagram For the circular cylinder there are the following formulas: The perimeter p is 2·Pi·r (this is the formula for the perimeter of the circle), the base area A B is Pi·r² (this is the formula for the area of a circle), the lateral surface is perimeter times height, A L = p·h and therefore A L = 2·Pi·r·h, the surface area consists of the. Manning's Formula . A mathematical formula for calculating wastewater flows in sewers. Q means flow in cubic feet per second (CFS) (cubic meters per second (m 3 /s)). n means the Manning pipe or channel roughness factor. A means the cross-sectional area of the flow in square feet (sq ft) (square meters (m 2))

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Perimeter drains are located next to the exterior foundation and are wrapped with fabric connected to the footings. The foundation wall should be damp proofed and sealed to be vapor proof to help control dampness from creeping up through the footings. Correct construction of perimeter drains will help prevent dampness in your basement and. The above formulas may be used with both imperial and metric units. As with all calculations care must be taken to keep consistent units throughout. Examples of units which are typically adopted are outlined below: Notation. A = Geometric Area, in 2 or mm 2; C = Distance to Centroid, in or mm; I = Second moment of area, in 4 or mm

In an example of a 42 DR25 pvc pipe (assumed with a ductile iron O.D. of 44.5), I assumed a circular I.D. for this pipe of exactly 40.9 inches, or 3.4117 feet, for this calculation. A 5% ring deflection would based on the initial circular internal diameter assumption result in a reduction in vertical diameter of 0.1706 feet, and an increase. A = π (d) 2 /4 A = π (8 inches) 2 / 4 A = 16 π inches 2 Since a pipe is normally a cylinder, the formula for perimeter of a cylinder is, P = 2d + 2h P = (2 x 8 inches) + (2 x 3 inches) P = 16 inches + 6 inches P = 22 inches To solve for the hydraulic radius, Hydraulic Radius = Area of the flow/ Wetted Perimeter Hydraulic Radius = (16 π.

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  1. Formula: Vertex The square has four vertices.The Vertex is the corner of the square : Diagonals : Both diagonal of the square cuts each other into two equal parts. The each diagonal of any square is the perpendicular bisector of the other diagonal. [(side)√2] Perimeter
  2. The perimeter of Cylinder Formula. In most of the cases when you need to find the perimeter of a cylinder then diameter and height are given for that particular problem. The Perimeter of a cylinder is the outline of a two-dimensional shape. But cylinder is a 3-dimensional shape so how to calculate the perimeter here
  3. The equation above is called the perimeter formula. You can use the perimeter formula to solve problems when the perimeter is unknown, or when the length or 8 Michael glues 1-foot pipe cleaners around the edges of a rectangular poster. He uses a total of 14 pipe cleaners with 4 pipe cleaners each on the longer sides o
  4. WP f = wetted perimeter of flow (circumference of pipe if full) S = Slope of energy line (m/m) = slope of invert for gravity flow. Also used is the Continuity Principle: Equation 3. Q = A f * V. Q = flow (m³/s) A f = cross sectional area of flow (m²) V = mean velocity (m/s
  5. The wetted perimeter for a channel is the total perimeter of all channel walls that are in contact with the flow. Example: Reynolds number for a primary piping and a fuel bundle It is an illustrative example, following data do not correspond to any reactor design

frequently during calculations. It is defined as the area divided by the wetted perimeter, and therefore has units of length. The hydraulic radius can often be related directly to the geometric properties of the channel. For example, the hydraulic radius of a full circular pipe (such as a pressure pipe) can be directly computed as: Pw A R = or. For the circular cylinder there are the following formulas: The perimeter p is 2·Pi·r (this is the formula for the perimeter of the circle), the base area A B is Pi·r² (this is the formula for the area of a circle), the lateral surface is perimeter times height, A L = p·h and therefore A L = 2·Pi·r·h, the surface area consists of the. Formula. This formula is: Q = x A x R˜/˚ x S ˛/˜ (1) 1.486 n Where: Q = discharge in cubic feet per second n = Manning's roughness coefficient A = cross-sectional area of flow, square feet Design Data 12 American Concrete Pipe Association • www.concrete-pipe.org • info@concrete-pipe.org Pipe of nominal pipe diameter 10″ to be painted with Inorganic Zinc Silicate Coating with solids percentage of 60%. Required dry film thickness is 70 microns. Method of application is conventional Spray Painting. Calculate amount of paint required for length of 100 meters. Pipe Dia in mm (D) = 10″ X 25.4 = 254mm Perimeter of Semicircle. The perimeter of a semicircle is the sum of the half of the circumference of the circle and diameter. As the perimeter of a circle is 2πr or πd. So, the perimeter of a semicircle is 1/2 (πd) + d or πr + 2r, where r is the radius. Therefore

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The pipe surrounds the full perimeter of the house and is laid so that it is slightly sloped, allowing water entering anywhere along the perimeter to drain to a single collection point. That collection point connects to an unperforated pipe that discharges the drain pipe to an above-grade location at least 10 feet away from the foundation or to. The wetted perimeter can be defined mathematically as = = where l i is the length of each surface in contact with the aqueous body.. In open channel flow, the wetted perimeter is defined as the surface of the channel bottom and sides in direct contact with the aqueous body. Friction losses typically increase with an increasing wetted perimeter, resulting in a decrease in head Also we notice that the perimeter drain in the example installation is routed to an indoor sump pump that sends water up, out through the basement wall, into a short plastic drain pipe extending about 18 away from the foundation, and thence into an open plastic trench on the ground surface

Often a formula for the length of a dipole in feet is seen as 468 / frequency. This can be derived by taking the figure of 492 seen in the formula above and multiplying it by the typical A or end effect factor of 0.95. The actual figure derived is 467.48, but this is close enough for most applications, especially as the other factors including. NOTE: CIRCUMFERENCE: the edge of a circle or the distance around a circle. DIAMETER: the width of a circle (through center). RADIUS: 1/2 of the diameter, or the distance from the center to the edge (circumference) For the flow of a fluid within a pipe with velocity (v), there will be a reduction in mean pressure with distance, which is usually referred to as head loss. Frictional resistance is proportional and the wetted area around the circumference of the pipe In which h=head in feet l=length of pipe in feet d=diameter of pipe in feet q=quantity of water in cubic feet per second. Example. What head will be required to discharge from a 4-inch pipe 500 feet long 2 cubic feet of water per second ? Solution. Substituting values in the formula h=0.000704X4X500=333 feet head. Answer. 0.00422. Formula For.

Hydraulic radius, abbreviated as \(r_h\), is the area cross-section of water in a pipe or channel divided by the wetting perimeter. Hydraulic Radius of a Triangular Channel formulas \(\large{ r_h = \frac { A_c } { P } }\ is 0.012. When determining the various values used in the Manning Formula, the Engineer must account for the effect of the corner haunches on the cross-sectional area and wetted perimeter. The American Concrete Pipe Association (ACPA) has a number of Design Data's that cover in detail the hydraulic capacity of precast concrete boxes. These Desig

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onlinechannel07.php: Critical depth in a circular culvert or pipe. Formulas. θ = 2 cos-1 [1 - 2(y/D)] A = (D 2 /8) (θ - sinθ) T = D sin(θ/2) V = Q/A (Q 2 T)/(gA 3) = 1 INPUT DATA: Select: Pipe diameter D : Discharge Q : INTERMEDIATE CALCS: Relative depth y c / D. The perimeter area of the pile group is 2 × (16 + 11) × 10 (depth = 10 ft.). Group skin friction (bottom layer) = α·C·perimeter area of the group within the bottom layer = 1.0 × 0.45 × 2 × (16 + 11) × 8 = 194 tons. For group failure, α value is taken to be 1.0 since the failure occurs between soil against soil circumference of the larger pipe plus the outer circumference of the smaller pipe. h 2 2 where d1 = inner diameter of larger pipe, d2 = outer diameter of smaller pipe Example calculation of pipe friction factors: 1. Round pipe: A round steel pipe 0.4 m internal diameter x 10.0 m long carries a water flow rate of 349.1 litres/sec (20.946 m3/min) flow. let d be the inside diameter of the circular pipe and let p be the perimeter. Also, use the subscript c to signify that these geometric properties are for a circle. Equation 3 Equation 4 a c = __п 4 d2 p c = пd r c = __п 4 a (d2) ___c p c = _____ пd = __d 4 Equation 6 Equation 7 a e = пab p e = 2п ___1 2 (a2 + b2) As the pipe. The perimeter of Cylinder Formula. In most of the cases when you need to find the perimeter of a cylinder then diameter and height are given for that particular problem. The Perimeter of a cylinder is the outline of a two-dimensional shape. But cylinder is a 3-dimensional shape so how to calculate the perimeter here

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The area of a rectangle is the product of the two sides. One side is the height of the can, the other side is the perimeter of the circle, since the label wraps once around the can. So the area of the rectangle is (2 pi r)* h. Add those two parts together and you have the formula for the surface area of a cylinder pipe flow it connects the elevations to which the water would rise in gi- the wetted perimeter; that is, the length of the perimeter which is the cross-sectional mea of the stream divided by the wetted perimeter. General formulas for determining area, wetted perimeter, hydraulic radius, and top width in trapezoidal, rectangular. Hazen Williams Formula This is one of the most widely used formula and is given below: V=1.318C 1 R 0.63 S 0.54. R= hydraulic radius, ft (m) S= head loss due to friction, ft/ft (m/m) of pipe

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A-1, Acharya Nikatan, Mayur Vihar, Phase-1, Central Market, New Delhi-110091. 011-47340170 . info@entrancei.co Regardless of the type of pipe used or its shape, unfiltered drain tile can easily be plugged with silt and clay (left). Water-seeking roots from trees growing too near the foundation can also completely clog perimeter drains (right). In fact, undulating drain tile can result in premature failure of the drainage system If you know the radius of the circle and the height of the segment, you can find the segment area from the formula below. The result will vary from zero when the height is zero, to the full area of the circle when the height is equal to the diameter. where: r is the radius of the circle of which the segment is a part. h is the height of the.

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Pipe goes by nominal sizes rather than actual measurements, so identifying pipe size can be tricky. Copper 3/4-inch pipe, for instance, doesn't measure 3/4-inch anywhere — its outside diameter (OD) is 0.875 inch and inner diameter (ID) is 0.811 inch for Type M pipe ( Ring Bending Stress Calculation. To calculate the ring bending stress the finite element model of pipe cross-section is used. The vertical and horizontal loads from soil weight are calculated and applied for each point of pipe cross-section at whole perimeter (see picture below) The circle calculator, formula, example calculation (work with steps), real world problems and practice problems would be very useful for grade school students (K-12 education) to understand the concept of perimeter and area of circle. This concept can be of significance in geometry, to find the perimeter, area and volume of solids Tube and Pipe Notching Calculator - Full Scale Printable Templates If Cut Tube Wall Thick is larger than 0, the cut fits to the inside diameter of the tube, making a notch for welding. For a snug fit at the outside of the tube, enter 0 Cut Tube Wall Thick and grind inside of tube to fit

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Calculate the Area and Perimeter of a Circle. The calculation is the same for Metric and Imperial length measurement units and the calculated result is in the unit of your choice. Enter the diameter length of the circle. Select measurement unit: Diameter of Circle {{selectedunit.m1} The circumference is similar to the perimeter of a geometric figure but remembers that 'perimeter' is the term that is only used for polygons. Circumference Formula: Circumference of a circle is simply evaluated by multiplying radius of the circle with 2 and π. First of all, you need to measure the diameter of the pipe. For instance.

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P = Wetted perimeter of culvert [L]. P is the contact length (in the cross-section) between the water and the culvert. Q = Discharge or flow rate through culvert [L 3 /T] The Manning formula uses a coefficient to correct for the type of channel in use. The cross-sectional area of the flow, the wetted perimeter of the flow and the slope ratio must be calculated. The results are more accurate if the flow cross-section, velocity, depth and slope are constant (steady flow) The Area Perimeter of a Rectangle calculator, formula, example calculation (work with steps), real world problems and practice problems would be very useful for grade school students (K-12 education) to understand the concept of perimeter and area of rectangle. This concept can be of significance in geometry, to find the perimeter and area of. Free Online Manning Formula Trapezoidal Channel Calculator >> Drop your fears at the door; love is spoken here. << Manning Formula Uniform Trapezoidal Channel Flow at Given Slope and Depth. Can you help me improve translations, program, or host these calculators? [Hide this line Max. current dissipated by one Earthing Pipe = Current Density x Surface area of electrode; Max. current dissipated by one earthing pipe = 889.419x 0.942 = 837.83 A say 838 Amps; Number of earthing pipe required = Fault Current / Max.current dissipated by one earthing pipe. Number of earthing pipe required = 50000/838 = 59.66 Say 60 No's

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