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Staurosporine is the precursor of the novel protein kinase inhibitor midostaurin (PKC412). Besides midostaurin, staurosporine is also used as a starting material in the commercial synthesis of K252c (also called staurosporine aglycone). In the natural biosynthetic pathway, K252c is a precursor of staurosporine Staurosporine, a broad spectrum protein kinase inhibitor (Tamaoki et al., 1986), was used in our experiments with the whole-cell clamp technique (Takano et al., 1995). Cultured nucleus basalis neurons are first treated with staurosporine (100 n M in 0.01% DMSO for ~ 40 min), followed by the application of SP (0.3 μ M ) or orexin A (3 μ M )

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Staurosporine is the precursor of the novel protein kinase inhibitor midostaurin (PKC412). [9] [10] Besides midostaurin, staurosporine is also used as a starting material in the commercial synthesis of K252c (also called staurosporine aglycone). In the natural biosynthetic pathway, K252c is a precursor of staurosporine Staurosporine is a prototypical potent ATP-competitive kinase inhibitor with IC50 of 0.7, 7, 8.5, 6, 20 nM for PKC, PKA,PKG, p60v-src tyrosine protein kinase, CaM kinase II, respectively. Order Staurosporine from supplier Selleck for research use only Staurosporine// An indolocarbazole that is a potent PROTEIN KINASE C inhibitor which enhances cAMP-mediated responses in human neuroblastoma cells. (Biochem Biophys Res Commun 1995;214(3):1114-20 Pharmaceutical uses of staurosporine derivatives Download PDF Info Publication number US8575146B2. US8575146B2 US10/560,669 US56066904A US8575146B2 US 8575146 B2 US8575146 B2 US 8575146B2 US 56066904 A US56066904 A US 56066904A US 8575146 B2 US8575146 B2 US 8575146B2 Authority US United States Prior art keywords typically alky InSolution Staurosporine, Streptomyces sp. CAS 62996-74-1, is provided as a 1 mM (100 µg/214 µl) solution of Staurosporine (Cat. No. 569397) in DMSO Sigma-Aldrich pricin

Staurosporine is a member of the K252a family of fungal alkaloids produce by Streptomyces staurospores. 1,2 It is one of the most potent, cell permeable protein kinase inhibitors, and it is often used to study the involvement of protein kinases in signal transduction pathways (IC 50 0.7-20 nM). 3-1 1. Dissolve staurosporine powder in tissue culture grade DMSO to obtain a 1 mM staurosporine concentration. 2. Prepare 50 - 100 µL aliquots of the DMSO solubilized staurosporine stock solution and store them frozen at -20°C.A frozen vial of staurosporine may only be rethawed 2X before it must be discarded Staurosporine is a cell permeable alkaloid isolated from Streptomyces staurosporeus exhibiting anti-cancer activity. Staurosporine is a potent, non-selective inhibitor of protein kinases, including protein kinase C. This agent induces apoptosis by an undetermined mechanism. (NCI Staurosporine inhibits a variety of kinases including PKA, PKG, MLCK, CaMK, tyrosine kinases, and phosphorylase kinase. This compound displays selectivity toward the PKC isoforms, inhibiting PKCα, use of these products you accept the terms and conditions of all applicable Limited Use Label Licenses. Unless otherwise indicated, these. Staurosporine is also a potent GSK-3β inhibitor with a reported IC50 value of 15 nM. In research, staurosporine is used to induce apoptosis. It has been found that one way in which staurosporine induces apoptosis is by activating caspase-3. Staurosporine was discovered to have biological activities ranging from anti-fungal to anti-hypertensive

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Dear Sir or Madame, I recently purchased the staurosporine (cat. ab i20056, batch apn0611-3-1-1), dissolved in 100ul DMSO and used for the apptosis induction of Jurkat cells. Even after using 5uM of the staurosporine no effect on the cells was observed. Have you experienced any problems with this batch please? Kind regards, Read Mor Staurosporine, widely used as a protein kinase C (PKC) inhibitor with a broad spectrum of activity, is an alkaloid isolated from the culture broth of Streptomyces staurospores.MC3T3E-1 osteoblasts, expose to Staurosporine (100 nM) for 12 h, release an amount of LDH (12.4±3.1%) that is similar to that release by the control cells(10.0±2.4%), indicating the relative absence of lytic death. Staurosporine (STS) induces apoptosis in various cell lines. We report in this study that primary cultured mouse hepatocytes are less sensitive to STS compared with Jurkat cells and Huh-7 cells. In contrast to the cell lines, no apparent release of cytochrome c or loss of mitochondrial transmembrane Staurosporine from Streptomyces sp. was used to induce cell death in MDCK, 293T, Vero, HeLa, and Swiss Webster primary macrophage cells. 5 It was used to study the effect of caspase activation on human sperm quality. 6. Packaging 0.1, 0.5, 1 mg in serum bottle Biochem/physiol Action

Zhang et al., 2004, Staurosporine induces apoptosis of melanoma by both caspase-dependent and -independent apoptotic pathways., Mol. Cancer Ther. Essmann et al., 2004, Apoptosis resistance of MCF-7 breast carcinoma cells to ionizing radiation is independent of p53 and cell cycle control but caused by the lack of caspase-3 and a caffeine. However, the responses to C5a were unaffected by Ro 31-8425. These results suggest that, although activation of PKC can promote up-regulation of Mac-1 and adhesion of neutrophils, this does not appear to be the physiological pathway. A non-selective protein kinase inhibitor, staurosporine, inhibited both PBu2 and C5a-stimulated adhesion 20 Citations for Staurosporine. Citations are publications that use Tocris products. Selected citations for Staurosporine include: Park et al (2016) Pyrin inflammasome activation and RhoA signaling in the autoinflammatory diseases FMF and HIDS. Nat Immunol 17 914 PMID: 2727040 Staurosporine, widely used as a protein kinase C (PKC) inhibitor with a broad spectrum of activity, is an alkaloid isolated from the culture broth of Streptomyces staurospores. MC3T3E-1 osteoblasts, expose to Staurosporine (100 nM) for 12 h, release an amount of LDH (12.4±3.1%) that is similar to that release by the control cells(10.0±2.4%.

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Staurosporine is often used as a general method for inducing apoptosis 1. Protocol for Staurosporine-induced apoptosis: Add 1 µM (final concentration) staurosporine (eg, Sigma S6942) to cell suspension (e.g., 5 x 10 5 cells/ml in tissue culture medium). Perform a time course to obtain optimum results; a 1-6 hr incubation at 37°C is suggested Staurosporine has long been used in vitro as an initiator of apoptosis in many different cell types, but the mechanism involved remains poorly understood. In the present study, we have examined the apoptosis-inducing potential of staurosporine in cultured melanoma cell lines and dissected the staurosporine-induced apoptotic signaling pathway Staurosporine is a broad-spectrum protein kinase inhibitor that has been used extensively to induce apoptosis in a variety of cells including tumor cells, lymphocytes, neurons and other primary. Staurosporine Accession Number DB02010 Description. An indolocarbazole that is a potent protein kinase C inhibitor which enhances cAMP-mediated responses in human neuroblastoma cells. (Biochem Biophys Res Commun 1995;214(3):1114-20) Type Small Molecule Groups Experimental Structur Intended uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against Intended use: Uses advised against: • Research and development. • Laboratory reagent. • To be used by professionals only • Not for drug, • Not to be used in humans or animals. • Not food additive Details of the supplier of the SDS Emergency Telephone numbe

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  1. NEW PHARMACEUTICAL USES OF STAUROSPORINE DERIVATIVES (PAT - EP1638574) COUTRE Steven. Novartis AG. Patent: Publ. of Application without search report - European Patent Office. Application: EP20040740016 on 2004-06-17. Publication: 2006-03-29. Abstract. This application relates to the use of staurosporines derivatives for the curative.
  2. NEW PHARMACEUTICAL USES OF STAUROSPORINE DERIVATIVES (PAT - SI1638574T) COUTRE STEVEN. NOVARTIS AG. Patent: Translation of the claims of an EP Patent into Slovenia - Republic of Slovenia. Application: SI20040031450T on 2004-06-17. Publication: 2010-08-31. Abstract. No abstract supplied..
  3. Moreover, staurosporine has been reported to regulate neuronal cell death through activation of autophagy. 14 In HeLa cells, the impact of staurosporine on autophagy is dependent on its concentration. High-dose staurosporine (300 nmol/L) obviously impairs autophagic flux, 15 suggesting that staurosporine is a regulator of autophagy in cancer.
  4. Intriguingly, staurosporine, a broad-spectrum kinase inhibitor, has been used in some PD-related publications to induce cell death [64-72], while other publications have used it to induce DAergic differentiation and study PD-related features [43, 44]
  5. Use effective birth control to prevent pregnancy while you are using this medicine and for at least 4 months after your last dose. If you are pregnant, your name may be listed on a pregnancy registry to track the effects of midostaurin on the baby. If you are a man, use effective birth control if your sex partner is able to get pregnant. Keep.
  6. e if cells have begun to apoptose. This can be assessed by checking the morphology of the cells (cells will become granulated and blebbing may be observed). Viability can be checked using e.g. trypan blue cel
  7. PKC inhibitor, staurosporine (2.5 nmol/l), was used at the beginning of the treatment. Wound healing assay HUVECs were seeded in 12-well plates at a density of 8 × 10 4 cells/well and cultured overnight to create a confluent monolayer, and then created a cleared wound area by manually scraping with a 200-μl pipette tip
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Therefore, Glide uses Emodel to pick the best pose of a ligand (pose selection), and then ranks these best poses against one another with GlideScore. For Glide XP, the pose-selection procedure is a bit more complicated, though it still involves Emodel and GlideScore Organism Required for Streptomycin Production. Streptococcus griseus is an actinomycete, which is used for the preparation of streptomycin.Krinsky was the first scientist isolated S.griseus during the time of 1 st world war from the Russian soil.. S.griseus is commonly present in the soil, and it is gram-negative bacteria. It produces grey mycelium during sporulation and produces grey yellow.

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This site uses cookies to better deliver content. If you do not wish to enable cookies please configure this here. For more detailed information on specific cookies written for each of the categories below and their purpose please refer to our cookie policy. Essential and Functional cookies Please store the kit at 0-5°C for frequent use. Description. Our product Cell Counting Kit-8 (CCK-8) provide a more convenient and sensitive method for the research of cell number determination and cell proliferationtotoxicity assay than previous ways. The kit utilizes a highly water-soluble tetrazolium salt, WST-8, which produces a water.

Despite frequent use of DMSO, little is known about how this compound acts on the infusion response at the cellular levels of the hematologic system. Therefore, the aim of this work was to examine whether DMSO exhibits some toxic dose‐dependent effects on RBCs, PLTs, and vascular endothelial cells in vitro Directions for Use: Cycloheximide is supplied as a lyophilized powder. For a 10 mg/ml stock, carefully weigh out and reconstitute 50 mg in 5 ml DMSO or EtOH. Working concentrations and length of treatments vary depending on the desired effect, but it is typically used at 5-50 µg/ml for 4-24 hours * Drugs@FDA includes information about drugs, including biological products, approved for human use in the United States (see FAQ), but does not include information about FDA-approved products regulated by the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (for example, vaccines, allergenic products, blood and blood products, plasma derivatives, cellular and gene therapy products)

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Use a more general model, go to the Constrain tab, and set Bottom to a constant value of 0.0 and Top to a constant value of 100.0. Summary The concept of IC50 (or EC50) is a bit ambiguous unless you clearly specify which values define 100% and 0% against staurosporine-induced cell death in NIH3T3 cells. Nineteen compounds were found to have significant cytoprotective effects in cell viability assays. One of the compounds, RBC1023, was demonstrated to protect NIH3T3 cells from staurosporine-induced caspase-3 cleavage and activation Hydrogen peroxide is currently the most widely used apoptosis inducer due to its broad cytotoxic efficacy against nearly all cell types. However, equivalent cytotoxicity is achieved over a wide range of doses, although the reasons for this differential sensitivity are not always clear. In this study, three kinds of cells, the 293T cell line, primary fibroblasts, and terminally differentiated.

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Inorganic N salts like ammonium sulphate & ammonium nitrates are also used. 3. Animal oils, vegetable oils and mineral oils are also used. INOCULUM - HYMS of S.griseus spores maintained in soil stocks or lyophilized in carrier are inoculated into sporulation medium which builds up mycelial inoculum. 6 Uses: Hodgkin's disease (stage 3 & 4) as part of MOPP regimen. What is important to remember about Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan), what toxicities are associated with it, and what are the indications? This drug must be activated by cytochrome P450's in the liver to its active metabolite Toxicities: 1. Hemorrhagic cystitis 2 Apoptosis definition is - a genetically directed process of cell self-destruction that is marked by the fragmentation of nuclear DNA, is activated either by the presence of a stimulus or removal of a suppressing agent or stimulus, is a normal physiological process eliminating DNA-damaged, superfluous, or unwanted cells, and when halted (as by gene mutation) may result in uncontrolled cell.

Taipei Medical University (TMU) was founded in 1960 consisting of 11 research centers, a center for General Education, 11 colleges, as well as the affiliated TMU hospital, Wan Fang Medical Center and Shuang Ho Hospital View Molarity Problems.docx from BIOL 302 at University of South Carolina. Molarity Problem Assignment (consult syllabus for due dates) Fall 2018 To work in a laboratory, it is necessary to prepar An antibody shouldn't be one of the variables in your experiment. Find out why customers rank CST highest for antibody specificity and sensitivity Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) involves the use of heterobifunctional small molecule degraders (e.g. PROTACs ®) to knockdown target proteins within cells. Each degrader consists of binding moieties for an Ubiquitin E3 Ligases, and a target protein joined by a linker. As the degrader binds, a ternary complex forms between the target. Benzethonium chloride, also known as hyamine is a synthetic quaternary ammonium salt.This compound is an odorless white solid, soluble in water. It has surfactant, antiseptic, and anti-infective properties, and it is used as a topical antimicrobial agent in first aid antiseptics. It is also found in cosmetics and toiletries such as soap, mouthwashes, anti-itch ointments, and antibacterial.

We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Determination of (a) Wavelength of maximum absorbance (λmax) and (b) Absorptivity coefficient of Paracetamol Using the Schrödinger equation tells you just about all you need to know about the hydrogen atom, and it's all based on a single assumption: that the wave function must go to zero as r goes to infinity, which is what makes solving the Schrödinger equation possible. Hydrogen atoms are composed of a single proton, [ A clickable, affinity-based probe (AfBP), which was modified from staurosporine (a natural product kinase inhibitor), has been synthesized and used in situ for activity-based proteome profiling of potential cellular targets of staurosporine in HepG2 cancer cells

HeLa cells were either left untreated (Control) or treated for 7 h with actinomycin D (20 μM) or with staurosporine (2 μM) in the presence of zVAD-fmk (100 μM), then the cells were. Prolyl-tRNA synthetase (PRS) is a clinically validated antimalarial target. Screening of a set of PRS ATP-site binders, initially designed for human indications, led to identification of 1-(pyridin-4-yl)pyrrolidin-2-one derivatives representing a novel antimalarial scaffold. Evidence designates cytoplasmic PRS as the drug target. The frontrunner 1 and its active enantiomer 1-S exhibited low. Any proposed commercial use of the these cells, or their products, must first be negotiated with the National Cancer Institute (NCI). For further information, please contact NCI's Technology Transfer Center at NCI_TTC_Contact@mail.nih.gov or by phone at (240)-276-5514 Cell lines expressing mutant RAS genes are essential tools for finding ways to intervene in RAS cancers. Learn about the work of NCI RAS Initiative scientists to engineer and characterize these cell lines, creating a reliable resource A commonly used small-molecule probe in cell-signaling research is the phosphoinositide 3-kinase inhibitor LY294002. Quantitative chemoproteomic profiling shows that LY294002 and LY303511, a close analogue devoid of PI3K activity, inhibit the BET bromodomain proteins BRD2, BRD3, and BRD4 that comprise a family of targets structurally unrelated to PI3K. Both compounds competitively inhibit.

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Staurosporine-induced apoptosis in cultured chick embryonic neurons is reduced by polyethylenimine of low molecular weight used as a coating substrate AHLEMEYER Barbara , FISCHER Dagmar , KISSEL Thomas , KRIEGLSTEIN Josef Neuroscience research : the official journal of the Japan Neuroscience Society 37(4), 245-253, 2000-08-0 Search for drug information here to know the available forms; or to understand your medications better: its use, how to take it, what you need to know before you use it (potential interactions, precautions and warnings, possible side effects) and how to handle it before and after use Welcome to the Structural Bioinformatics Group at Imperial College London. The group is led by Professor Michael J.E. Sternberg (also Director of the Centre for Integrative Systems Biology and Bioinformatics).. Modelling protein foldin

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Simple and advanced searching for macromolecules and ligands, tabular reports, specialized visualization tools, sequence-structure comparisons, RCSB PDB Mobile, Molecule of the Month and other educational resources at PDB-101, and more Aminoglycosides Definition Aminoglycosides are a group of antibiotics that are used to treat certain bacterial infections. This group of antibiotics includes at least eight drugs: amikacin, gentamicin, kanamycin, neomycin, netilmicin, paromomycin, streptomycin, and tobramycin. All of these drugs have the same basic chemical structure. Purpose. Apoptosis: A form of cell death in which a programmed sequence of events leads to the elimination of cells without releasing harmful substances into the surrounding area. Apoptosis plays a crucial role in developing and maintaining the health of the body by eliminating old cells, unnecessary cells, and unhealthy cells

Женские ноги находятся в особой группе риска. Их красоту часто портит варикоз - патология венозных сосудов, которая сопровождается истончением стенок вен, увеличением просвета и нарушением кровотока Aggressive systemic mastocytosis (specialist use only), Systemic mastocytosis with associated haematological neoplasm (specialist use only), Mast cell leukaemia (specialist use only) By mouth. For Adult. 100 mg twice daily, for dose adjustment or treatment interruption due to side-effects—consult product literature Lambda is the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet, and throughout history, it has been represented on everything from Spartan battle shields to sorority sweatshirts. When it is used in the equation for lambda max, or λmax, it identifies which wavelengths achieve maximum absorption Drupal-Biblio 17.

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(Left) Cells were treated with 1 μM Staurosporine for 12 hours and stained with Hoechst 33342, YO-PRO-1 and PI (Right) Image analysis results are shown as a colored overlay on the source image. Viable nuclei are shown in green. Early apoptotic nuclei are shown in blue. Late apoptotic nuclei are shown in purple. Necrotic nuclei are shown in red Category filter: Show All (60)Most Common (0)Technology (29)Government & Military (10)Science & Medicine (11)Business (12)Organizations (11)Slang / Jargon (2) Acronym Definition PDB Protein Data Bank PDB Palm Database (Palm Computing Platform file extension) PDB Pluggable Database (Oracle) PDB Python Debugger (software) PDB Power Development Board PDB. Use of your browser's back button may cause specific errors that can be resolved by going back to your desired resource and trying to again. If you think you were sent here in error, please email the Help Desk or call 392-HELP (4357). Retry Logi Drupal-Biblio 17 Drupal-Biblio 1 STS (Steroid Sulfatase) is a Protein Coding gene. Diseases associated with STS include Ichthyosis, X-Linked and Ichthyosis.Among its related pathways are Gamma carboxylation, hypusine formation and arylsulfatase activation and Sphingolipid metabolism.Gene Ontology (GO) annotations related to this gene include sulfuric ester hydrolase activity and steryl-sulfatase activity

Post navigation ← Previous Next → Saponin was used as positive control. Efficacy to protect against AAPH induced ROS generation Seliciclib The ability of crude extracts and polyphenolic rich fractions to attenuate Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries AAPH induced ROS generation was mea sured using the 2, 7 dichlorodihydrofluorescein diacetate method as described by Jakubowski and Bartosz Ganesan Shyamala shyamala@med.umich.edu Faris N Andrea anfaris@med.umich.edu Comstock T Adam acomstoc@med.umich.edu Chattoraj S Sangbrita sangbrit@med.umich.edu Chattoraj Asamanja asmanja@med.umich.edu Burgess R John burgesjr@purdue.edu Curtis L Jeffrey jlcurtis@umich.edu Martinez J Fernando fmartine@umich.edu Zick Suzanna szick@umich.edu Hershenson B Marc mhershen@umich.edu Sajjan S Uma. format-version: 1.2 data-version: releases/2019-05-01 date: 01:05:2019 15:41 saved-by: midori auto-generated-by: OBO-Edit 2.3.1 subsetdef: abnormal_slim Abnormal/normal slim subsetdef: absent_slim Absent/present slim subsetdef: attribute_slim Attribute slim subsetdef: biosapiens biosapiens protein feature ontology subsetdef: cell_quality cell_quality subsetdef: DBVAR database of.

Autophagy and Mitochondria - Flow Cytometry Core FacilityWhat are the different cytotoxicity assays used for inArsenic trioxide uses caspase-dependent and caspase
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